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10 Amazing Food Places In Adelaide

10 Amazing Food Places In Adelaide

There are so many amazing food places in Adelaide that, if you’re lucky enough to visit, are completely worth the trip! No matter what your go-to, from a delectable breakfast to a sumptuous Mexican feast, this list has got you covered to happily send you straight into a food coma. So get your stretchy pants on and check out this list of Adelaid-ian food spots to add to your bucket list!

1. Pepper Lunch

This little Japanese spot on the main street in China Town is fantastic for a late night gorge. Your meal comes out to you sizzling in a cast-iron pan, so you know it’s fresh! No matter if you order the pepper chicken, salmon or the steak, it will be sure to set your stomach grumbling. Finish it off with a matcha ice cream for dessert, and your taste buds will definitely thank you.

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2. Raw&More

This one is for the more health-conscious amongst you, those of you who know how to mix nutrition with good eatin’, which is what Raw&More excel at! Their vegan menu is stocked full of delicious meals including smoothie bowls topped with crunchy granola and coconut and salads galore! And if you’re in the mood for a tasty little morsel then try one of their homemade raw treats packed full of goodness and deliciousness. Definitely a go-to!

3. Pancakes at the Port

Now this amazing food place gets me really excited; as a breakfast-lover myself, I appreciate a plate in the morning stacked with all the goodness I dreamt about the night before. And believe me, this spot has all your dream breakfast fantasies all in the one place. With the serene Port River as your view, you are served an absolute treat with either sweet or savoury pancakes, a full hearty eggs-and-bacon situation fit for a king or you can have a mix of both!

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4. Folklore Cafe

After breakfast, if you weren’t feeling full yet (impossible, but sure), you could take a little walk along the river where you’ll eventually come to Folklore Cafe, a small but decidedly essential spot when it comes to brunch and a much-needed coffee. Here, you’re not only overlooking the river, you’re OVER the river. The glass walls surrounding one of Adelaide’s amazing food places is the perfect setup for a pesto and egg croissant and a warming soy latte on a drizzly afternoon.

5. La Adelita Mexican Cantina

This amazing food place in Adelaide is totally up there with one of the best Mexican joints in town. But these guys don’t mess around; this ain’t no simple Taco Tuesday, this is ‘wow that burrito is the size of my head, challenge accepted’ type of situation. Full of spice and everything nice, La Adelita’s menu contains everything you’d expect from a real Mexican dinner table. As well as their array of tortas, quesadillas and tacos, they also cater to a diverse customer with vegan nachos.

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6. Lawash Bakery

Moving away from Mexican cuisine and into the realm of Afghan meals sure to set your mouth watering! Lawash Bakery on South Road has long been a favourite among locals, serving up fragrant portions of chicken, lamb and beef kebabs that melt in your mouth, laid across fresh baked naan. Also on offer is fresh falafel and mantu, traditional Afghani dumplings. There is no shortage of deliciousness here either, the staff making sure you leave satisfied. What’s not to love about this amazing food place in Adelaide?


7. Sportivo Woodfire Kitchen

A good slice of Pizza is often hard to find, but you’ll definitely find it here at Sportivo Woodfire Kitchen in Westlakes. Their pizza and other Italian dishes are a sumptuous treat if you’re in the mood for something a little more high end. In other words, this isn’t your average pizza joint on the side of the road. Located lake-side, you get to enjoy stunning views as the sun sets over the water while your waiter serves you delicious views on your plate! A great place to take your friends and family.

8. Plus 82 Pocha

In the heart of the city, you’ll find this amazing food place, Plus 82 Pocha, a trendy Korean Tapas restaurant  best known for its fried chicken. Their hearty servings and youthful atmosphere make for a great night out in the city of Adelaide, especially once you’ve tasted their delicious Korean army stew or Tteokguk (sliced rice cake soup). You won’t find just the ordinary at Plus 82 Pocha, so prepare for your senses to get a little taste of heaven!

9. Soto’s Fish Shop

Right, so if you’re anything like me, than you love a good ol’ local favourite. And the favourite in my town is Soto’s Fish Shop in the seaside residence of Semaphore. From the outside, it doesn’t look like much, but once you’re handed those precious parcels of butcher paper covering fresh fish and mountains of golden fries dusted in chicken salt, you know you’re in for a good time. Grab some friends and try out this award-winning shop as you picnic on the beach and enjoy the night.


10. Swedish Tarts

And finally, I’ll leave this little sweet morsel for you; Swedish Tarts, an Adelaide-based bakery selling Scandinavian-inspired treats and brunch dishes. Looks like you don’t have to go far to itch that international scratch! Baked goods and fair trade coffee is the way to go here with all their goods baked fresh in-store. Luckily, they also serve breakfast and lunch, so stick around for a while and enjoy a lussekatter (saffron bun) and a cappuccino!

If you’re ever in town, check out these amazing food places in Adelaide! Tell us which one you would hit up first in the comments below!

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