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5 Amazing Clubs in Melbourne You Didn’t Know About

5 Amazing Clubs in Melbourne You Didn’t Know About

The clubs in Melbourne are the best in all of Australia. Here are some amazing clubs for those wishing to head out into a city that never sleeps.

At this point is impossible to dispute that the clubs in Melbourne are the best in Australia, offering some of the greatest nightlife hotspots worldwide. Melbourne owes its enviable reputation to the incredible music scene, friendly atmosphere, excellent public transport and the Australian appreciation for getting “on the cook.”

As soon as I moved here I was basically living in the club and could regularly be spotted at very questionable hours under the flashing lights of Hugs&Kisses. However, the recent closure of that iconic venue was followed by the demise of the also very swag Lounge and Cherry Bar. If you’re anything like me you’d understand the constant need for a fresh stomping grounds to shake away the anxieties of modern life away. Below are some amazing clubs in Melbourne you’ll discover if heading out into a city that never sleeps.


Yours and Mine

This place has everything you need to get truly twisted. A 24-hour alcohol license, two levels with excellent lighting to boogie around in and a Funktion One sound system. Tick, tick, tick! They’ve also become the new home of some of the truly sensational LeFag and ¿Club D’érange? ragers that made Hugs&Kisses such a hotspot.

The Carlton night stop only opened last year and has played host to some truly legendary ragers that other clubs in Melbourne can’t compete with. It’s just the right size also – if you get bored downstairs then you can mosey on up to another dance floor or hang out in the expansive smokers. Natch!

Look, I didn’t arrive till 5 am last time and stayed past sunrise so take it from a true zombie that you won’t be disappointed.  


Angel Music Bar

Although it’s literally just opened, I think this CBD establishment is one to watch. A genuinely fresh perspective runs through Angel Music Bar – not many clubs in Melbourne combine a lively bar, an unpretentious eatery, and upstairs an intimate nightclub. The music is eclectic, food served through a hole in the wall and even boasts a small courtyard for more intimate conversations. Check it out ASAP and get bragging rights before it inevitably comes to wider attention.


The 86

This dimly lit, atmospheric and mysterious Smith Street mainstay is on the list largely due to its iconic Thursday nights, which play host to the rapidly expanding Honcho Disko queer party collective. I’ve honestly seen some of the best drag ever in this snug bar, along with some of the best tunes I’ve heard in my journey throughout the clubs in Melbourne. And yes – it is named after the iconic tram line right outside its doors, so your trip home is sorted!

New Guernica

If you’re after a younger crowd, this grimy favourite has you sorted. The bustling, multi-room nightclub is famed for its quirky decor, ticketed DJ sets, and a party vibe. Tucked away in the heart of Little Collins Street, the pumping dancery has served some of Melbourne’s freshest beats for more than a decade. Many start their journey into the underground at Gurns. So, if you feel the siren call of the night get dressed in your best attire, take a step inside and enter the vortex.


Revolver Upstairs

I know, I know, you’d have to live under a literal rock not to have heard of Revs. But no list of clubs in Melbourne would be complete without it. The place has a genuine reputation for 24/7 debauchery, with many entering on Saturday and not returning until Monday morning. On Fridays, you can expect live bands, art shows, and Thai food. However, it’s the non-stop late night DJ heaven that makes it an institution. Especially given that with the Sunday day parties are beloved amongst the dedicated party people.

Any clubs we missed? Sound off in the comments!

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