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10 Alan Bond Quotes All Bond University Students Should Know

10 Alan Bond Quotes All Bond University Students Should Know

Alan Bond, the founder of Bond University, was a wise man. Here are a few Alan Bond quotes every Bond University student should know. Bond Uni honors Alan.

One of history’s most famous Australian businessmen, Alan Bond, faced a lot of controversy throughout his lifetime. In 1987, his business Bond Corporation, in conjunction with Japanese company EIE International, officially opened Australia’s first private University. This was how Bond University was born. I thought it would be interesting to collate 10 of Alan Bond’s most famous quotes that I feel us Bondies could relate to while we are at Bond University!viewcontent (1)

1. On taking initiative

“You either have that pioneering spirit or you don’t.”

2. On problem-solving

“Problems are like mountains – you have to decide how to get to the other side.”


3. On persistence

“I was always of the view that just because someone said that something hadn’t been done before didn’t mean that if couldn’t be done…”

4. On critical-thinking

“What was a problem for someone was for me just a challenge in need of a simple solution.”

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5. On globalisation

“At no stage did I ever think that the shores of Australia were the boundary for my dreams.”

6. On endurance

“I have never ever thought of saying ‘enough is enough’.”

7. On risk-taking

“I was a risk taker, but what many people didn’t realise was that I only took on calculated risks.”


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8. On hard-work

“It’s very well to criticise other people, but if you want to change things then you’d better get in there and do some of the work yourself.”

9. On success

“The question of fear of failure doesn’t enter into the equation for me.”

10. On determination

“I’ve always worked very, very hard, and the harder I worked, the luckier I got.”



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Alan Bond had his ups and downs throughout his lifetime. Arguably, one of the greatest successes was his decision to start Bond University. In my opinion, I am very thankful he did, because that is the only reason I am sitting here writing this article! I hope these quotes may have inspired or even just got you thinking. Let me know which was your favourite!
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