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10 Affordable Makeup Must Haves To Add To Your List

10 Affordable Makeup Must Haves To Add To Your List

These affordable makeup must haves should definitely be on your list of things to get! The products help with everything from eyes to face to lips, and are great for beginners and the pros!

As a student, we face the harsh reality of low funds on a day to day basis. Not to complain about the blessing of education, but with rent, bills, groceries and everything else… we simply have to negotiate with ourselves whether or not we are willing to splurge on that lipstick we really would loooove to try. Reality check: that lipstick is $25 !!! Ain’t nobody got time for that. In realising the trials and sacrifices you undertake as a young woman in college or university, we have compiled a list of affordable and top notch makeup must haves that will help you look and feel good on the next girls night, or on that date next Tuesday night. We’ve got you covered 🙂

1. BYS HD Microfinish Powder

This finishing powder from BYS is a light, mattifying essence that gives your skin that clear, airbrushed look. It works for every skin tone, and while white in colour, this powder comes out sheer when applied. We suggest using circular motions with a loose powder brush for an even finish.

This is one of the best makeup must haves!

2. Nail Polish Remover Wipes

So, you’re at a friends place and you decide to do each other’s nails. It’s a real chill night, but in the morning, you remember that you have a job interview and need to remove the bright pink and purple from your nails before you get there! You pull into the car park of the place, and pull out the Nail Polish Remover Wipes! In less than sixty seconds, all of the polish is gone.

This is a useful and acetone free item that fits quite easily in your pocket or purse. This is one of the best makeup must haves on our list!

This is one of the best makeup must haves!

3. Henry Ford’s OXX range

If you want to try some new shades, then we suggest going for this brand to experiment with. The OXX range is an all-rounder, including lipsticks, blushes, powders, eye pencils and shadows, and even concealers. While this is a basic assortment, it is good to get to know what you like and do not like. Why spend twenty dollars on a lipstick that you find does not suit your skin tone? Or that feels too gloopy?

For the makeup artists at heart, nipping into Target or Kmart for some OXX products is not a bad idea when you are trying some new styles and getting to know what suits you.

This is one of the best makeup must haves!

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4. Maybelline: Baby Skin Pore Eraser

This is a primer that not only makes your skin look good, but feel good. Baby Skin is definitely one of the best makeup must haves and leaves your skin soft and smooth, without the requirement of moisturiser. All you need to do is apply a thin layer of this clear goop on to the skin to blur the evidence of pores. It is light weight, breathable, and is available at any Chemist Warehouse, Priceline, Maybelline, or department stores (Kmart, Target, the like).

Cool tip: If you apply this primer lightly on your lips with your finger before putting on your lipstick, it will reduce the chance of dryness and stops the colour coming off.

This is one of the best makeup must haves!

5. Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation

The great thing about liquid foundation is the way it clings to your skin, and how the coverage is much more reliable than your regular loose powder foundation. Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation lasts all day, and is easy to apply with a foundation brush. We encourage you to try different brands to try and find a texture and colour that suits your skin, but if you are curious as to see if this works, this is definitely one of the best makeup must haves!

This is one of the best makeup must haves!

6. Lipcote Lipstick Sealer

Another Chemist Warehouse wonder is this lipstick sealant from Lipcote. Apply to your lips after the lip colour and enjoy all-day vibrance! It dries quickly, transparent, and allows for a matte look.

Advice: waiting a couple minutes before applying over your lipstick is a good idea in order to avoid wiping the colour off. The sealer is made to discourage smudging and fading of lip colours, no matter what kind (stick, matte or liquid).

This is one of the best makeup must haves!

7. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Do you happen to have a memory of rubbing your face viciously with a wet flannel cloth, trying to get that makeup off? I am sure we all have similar memories. Garnier’s Micellar Water removes all makeup and soothes the skin without the need to rinse it off after.

The Micellar Water range caters for all kinds of skin conditions, is fragrance free and a bottle of 400ml is estimated to twenty applications. We recommend using a makeup pad or tissue to help here. You can purchase Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water from almost any chemist or supermarket.

This is one of the best makeup must haves!

8. Maybelline: Great Lash Blackest Black Mascara

Another great products out of the makeup must haves is this Maybelline product; the Great Lash range of mascara. The Blackest Black mascara is a step up from the regular formula. It encourages bigger and blacker lashes and conditions as you apply. This product features a bigger brush to reach more of your lashes, and a formula that builds on each application.

This is one of the best makeup must haves!

9. Make Up Academy: Eye Shadow Palettes

Shopping online is not always a bad thing! You may have heard horror stories about people getting the wrong dress size or receiving broken goods, however when it comes to Make Up Academy’s products, I have rarely been disappointed. All of these palettes come with twelve shades that have a soft, blendable texture. Specifically looking at these “Undress Me Too” eye shadow pallettes!!! Even though this store is based in the United Kingdom, you can order from their online store. The pallet below is called “Heaven and Earth.”

This is one of the best makeup must haves!

10. NYX Lingerie Liquid Matte Lipstick

The only liquid matte lip-colour I have truly appreciated so far in my make-up journey is the NYX Lingerie brand. There are eighteen shades to choose from, formulated within a smooth, creamy texture that lasts for hours. The lipstick turns to a matte, discouraging smudging or colour transfer.

Advice: Apply a light application of Maybelline’s Baby Skin Primer before applying the NYX Lingerie lip colour for a sold colour and maximum coverage.

This is one of the best makeup must haves!

While there are so many brands, so many shades and varying qualities, experimentation with product is likely the best way for you to find the colours and feel that suit you. The above samples have been reviewed and offered to you in the hope that you will have your own bargain hunts and style searches that match what you are after. There are always amazing offers when it comes to student discounts as well, so don’t forget those benefits!

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What did you think of these makeup must haves? Let us know in the comment section below!

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