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10 Affordable Makeup Brushes That Are Actually Really Good 

10 Affordable Makeup Brushes That Are Actually Really Good 

If you're looking for affordable makeup brushes, these are the best professional grade brushes and brush sets that come at a good price!

Everyone knows that makeup brushes are important as a good brush can really enhance your overall look. BUT, most come with a hefty price. Buying brushes can be a struggle, because you really want a good quality product for all of your expensive makeup, but don’t want to spend the money! Well, fear no more, because here is a list of 10 affordable makeup brushes that are actually really good!

1. e.l.f.

Not only are e.l.f. brushes affordable makeup brushes, they are also so easy to find! Places like Kmart and Target sell them, and there is always such a variety of brushes available!


2. Eco-Tools

Eco-Tools are seriously so great, in more ways than one. The brushes are of a really great quality, soft on the skin and easy to use. On top of this, they are environmentally friendly!! The brushes are cruelty free (YAY) and are made from recycled material and bamboo! I personally use Eco-Tools brushes and absolutely adore the quality of them, and they last a long time too! This brand is kick-ass and I highly recommend these brushes – did I mention they are super affordable too!?

3. Sportsgirl

I’ll admit, I was surprised with these brushes. They are really great! The application is easy and the brushes feel gentle and soft up against the skin. Also, they are cheap so its a great outcome really!


4. Real Techniques

These brushes are great affordable makeup brushes and come at a SUPER low price (and really cool colours (bonus) ! You can get these brushes at places like Priceline, and the quality is on par with some really expensive brands! They also last a very long time, which is even more of a bonus!

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5. NYX

These brushes are relatively affordable and super easy to find with places like Priceline, Target, and Kmart stocking these beauties. One of the best things about this brand is that they have so many different brushes for all kinds of makeup! I assure you that you’ll find the brush you are looking for without spending an arm and a leg!


6. UBU (Urban Beauty United)

These brushes are not only pretty to look at, they are super soft and allow for a surprisingly good application. For an inexpensive price, the brush range is relatively big and easy to find in your local stores!


7. Savvy

Find these Savvy brushes at your local Priceline pharmacy and you will definitely benefit from a smooth application!


8. BYS Brushes

These brushes are super cute and seem to do the trick nicely. Again, this brand has a lot of range and can be found almost everywhere, so you won’t have to search very far or spend too much money!


9. Sephora Brand Brushes

Sephora surprisingly has cheap brushes that are really great and simple. They have affordable and useful packs that include all the essential brushes to get your brush kit started, and the brushes feel really great up against your face. In addition, they have cute travel sized brush sets which are super handy if you’re going away!

10. Tarte Brushes

This brand offers amazing and beautiful brushes that are sure to add a bit of colour to your brush collection. Tarte Brushes are mid-range in price and a little more expensive than the other brushes mentioned, however, they are so cool and the application is incredible. If you get them in a set, it’s cheaper and lets be honest, brushes with funky designs like Tarte Brushes are so worth it!


As this article suggests, you really don’t have to break the bank in order to get great brushes for your makeup. Get more bang for your money and go out there with confidence that your makeup is poppin’!

Which ones are your favourite affordable makeup brushes? Leave us a comment in the section below!

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