Adelaide Fringe Festival: Secret Hyde Away on Hyde Street 

The Adelaide Fringe Festival is finally here with another season of out-of-the-box, thought-provoking, bizarre and intriguing experiences on offer.

The number of shows to choose from is downright overwhelming (1223 to be exact, but who’s counting…) which is what makes Secret Hyde Away the answer to the biggest problem of the Fringe: what in the world should I see?

Excellent question. How about a variety night, showcasing an assortment of some epic Fringe acts ranging from comedy to cabaret, circus to magic… followed by a dance party? Umm… Yes please!!

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If you’re time poor, broke, or just indecisive, Secret Hyde Away is the night for you! Every Monday of the Fringe, at Raj House Hyde Street. Sample 9 different fabulous acts from the Fringe program for just $25 ($20 if you’re a student!). Drink as much as you like, and then stay for a boogie!

Commences at 8pm, but you can rock up whenever you feel like it because you’re an adult who makes their own decisions. Buy tickets here or at the door. Oh, and try not to freak out, but entry after 10pm for the dance party is only $5. BOOYAH! (Who doesn’t love a discount dance party?)

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A funky venue, with funky people, it’s the most bang for your buck this Adelaide Fringe!

Check out the Secret Hyde Away event page for Monday the 26th here for more details. Did I mention it’s free for Adelaide Fringe artists and staff? This seriously cannot get any better!!

Make sure you make it to the Adelaide Fringe Festival sometime between February 16 and March 18, you do NOT want to miss out on this month of awesomeness.

What’s your favorite part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival? Let us know below!
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