A Typical Day In The Life Of A Queensland University Of Technology Student

Going to uni in Brisbane is the best. Here is what being a Queensland University of Technology i student is like. Here is a typical day at QUIT

Going into university you’d think it’d be blast like every American college movie. With epic parties. Tons of friends. Getting wasted weekly. Well only one of those things are true. Whether you’re a current student, alumni or considering going to QUT. Here are some of the things you can relate to and possibly look forward to at QUT. Keep reading to find out what the day in the life of a Queensland University of Technology student is really like.

The commute to QUT.

Some students are luckily enough to have friends or family who love them. That can drive them all the way into the city. Because they’d do anything for their little university angel. #Blessed. However, for the normal Queensland University of Technology student, there’s public transport. The long soul sucking commutes, where you stare out the window to a brighter future.

The gates of QUT.

The Garden’s Point QUT campus is sandwiched between Brisbane’s Botanic Gardens and the Queensland Parliament building. This means to get through the gate you have to pass the three-headed hound. Consisting of protestors, street-preachers and flyer distributors. And they are persistent. To avoid them some put on headphones, pretend to be on the phone or just avoid eye contact. But every set their eyes on you Terminator red screen. And try to strike up a conversation while walking beside you like a catcalling video #2yearoldreference. But, you’re feeling charitable today. So you happily take one of their flyers. And the second you pass a corner you dump it in the bin.

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Most universities and colleges have these massive lecture rooms. And it’s always daunting trying to find the perfect seat, especially when the room is packed. QUT lecture rooms tend to have these stationary seats with swivel tables. Where the slightest sneeze could drop the table. You have to slowly shuffle pass these sensitive tables, like landmines, hoping you don’t drop someone’s laptop down 3 flights of stairs. And after half an hour into the class, the lecturer begins to sound like Charlie Brown’s mom. You stop taking notes. Start checking Facebook. And you think to yourself “I could’ve watched this lecture at home”.

Lunch at QUT Food Court.

There’s Asian food. There’s Mexican food. Burgers, kebabs, and a salad bar are also options. For some reason. Seeing as the US elections just occurred, you feel you should take a stand against their new president. So you go for Mexican, Gusman y Gomez to be exact. They have an incredible selection. Meals such as a burrito with rice, beans, meat and salsa. Or the tacos with rice, beans, meat and salsa. How about the nachos with beans, meat and salsa. And let’s not forget the classic, a burrito bowl with rice, beans, meat and salsa. The combinations are endless.

Every Queensland University of Technology student knows Guzman Y Gomez is the best!


They’re like the small intimate classes from primary and high school. Where you walk in and see the cool kids at the front. So you sit at the back. Tutors do their best to engage with the students. But everyone’s too awkward or too poor to afford the textbook to answer their questions. It gets so awkwardly quiet, like tumbleweed filled with crickets quiet.

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Time for group meetings.

Group meetings are great in hashing out the details of an assessment. I like to think of it as a military squad. You got your lead who everyone looks to for information and guidance. There’s the stenographer/leader’s assistant that writes everything down. The heavy artillery guy who continuously comes up with ideas and suggestions with his Gatling gun brain. There’s the sniper. The person who keeps quiet and waits for the right moment to chime in with a brilliant idea. And finally there’s you the young naïve soldier. That dies during every presentation.



Drinks at the QUT Bar.

Once all the classes are over, all the coffees has been drunk and your laptop battery is dead. You head to a familiar place for every Queensland University of Technology student. Your good old friend the bar. A place of cheap beer and comfy couches. A place where you can see people who just like yourself, who had a rough day at uni. Every now and then you’ll make eye contact with them. You both respectfully nod like two Vietnam Vets who’ve both went through hell. And as the day ends you think to yourself “I haven’t even started the assignment due tomorrow”. QUT. University for the real world.

 What else happens in the day of the life of a Queensland University of Technology student? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
Featured photo source: collegemagazine.com and zomato.com
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