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A Love Letter To The Gold Coast

A Love Letter To The Gold Coast

As a beautiful getaway from the rest of the world, with its vastness of oceans and breathtaking sunsets, the Gold Coast deserves this love letter.

Dear Gold Coast,

You are a beautiful city. A beautiful getaway from the rest of the world. You have been wonderful to me from day one. You have given me an experience of a lifetime which has made me realise and grow as a person. My mind breathes a whiff of fresh air every morning when I walk on the beautiful, lonely yet happily alone streets of Gold Coast. The sights and views keep me upbeat, happy. When I describe the skies to the love of my life back home, I imagine counting stars with him. The sky is so close me, I can almost touch it. The clouds have a different story to tell every hour of the day, everyday. You do not just live in Gold Coast, you live Gold Coast. There is a version of everything you are looking for in life over here.

The Spit is where I finally saw the vastness of oceans, of how intricately connected Earth and Water are in reality. The sun sets like a ball of red and pink candy. Candy that you wish you could swallow whole in your awakened moments. There is beauty everywhere you go. There is beauty on the streets. There is beauty up in the sky. There is a feeling of togetherness. A feeling of completeness. Gold Coast, you taught me the essence of being alone but not lonely. You give me opportunity, opportunity to listen to myself and to be heard by hundreds if not thousands.

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When I got here 9 months ago, I did not know or rather fathom the feeling of being myself. You allowed me to be ME. Even when there were far too many people who were versions of me. Versions that could pass of as being better or clearer than me. I learnt to love, care and hold on from afar. Only because you held me closer than the rest of the world could ever. I never thought I could ever express myself as real as I do today. You taught me to fight for myself. You taught me to stand up for myself. You teach me culture everyday. Oh! What a variety it is! Your culture is very fascinating and you make me want to know more about your history. Where you come from, how long have you been. Who you are.

You are small and so very magnificent. You make everyone around me feel like they are finally… home.

Thank you for the new beginnings you have given me, thank you for showing faith in me, thank you for giving me a university where my brains will always be valued. Thank you for teaching me that your mind and the knowledge you posses can never be taken away from you. Thank you for being a right hand driving country, you let my driving skills be valued too.

Thank you for YOU, Gold Coast.


The one on the Coast.

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If you wrote a love letter to the Gold Coast, what would you say? Share in the comments below!
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