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A Day In The Life Of A Western Sydney University Student

A Day In The Life Of A Western Sydney University Student


If I could be completely honest, being a Western Sydney University student is more interesting than other students. Sure, there are some similarities but there are it’s differences as well. And it all starts when you wake up in the morning and ends once you place your head in your pillow. However, based from what I was told, depending on what course you’re doing in WSU, it will not be similar to what the others are doing. So this my day in a life of a WSU student as a first year bachelor of communications student.

1. Waking up…. AT 5:30 AM!!!!

On Mondays… Yay!


I’m not joking… I need to wake up this early. The reason to why I need to wake up really early is because I need to be at the bus station before 6:50am because the travel time between my home to university is one hour. And since I still live with my parents, I need to share a shower with my siblings who also have to wake up early for school.

My parents are concerned about this but there is nothing I can do about it.

2. Traveling to university.

My travel time from home to university is 1 hour which involves a 15-minute bus ride, a 30-minute train ride and a 10-minute shuttle bus. And don’t get me started on waiting time as they take forever (especially the train).


Funny that this is the fast travel time that was available for me to take in order to make it to the first class on time.

And if (for some reason), the bus arrives really early or decides to leave without me (which actually happened), It’s time for me to walk to the local train station! Don’t worry, it’s only a 17-minute travel (and the train arrives just minutes by the time I reach the station)


Thank goodness Pokémon GO exists or else traveling to university would be a really tedious experience.

Oh wait…


3. Waiting for classes.

Most students arrive 30 mins to 1 hour before the first lecture so what we do is wait outside our classroom using our phones or laptops to pass the time. We even talk to our classmates to discuss about our recent lecture pods we had to watch, our homework or assignments or our just to talk about our day.

Sometimes while waiting, I would notice things that people wrote on the whiteboards the day before and they’re funny.

4. Tutorials

This is the most interesting part of the day as we are given the opportunity to discuss and/or debate about what we’ve learned in our online lecture pods. As a communications student, the course no longer have face-to-face lectures as we are obligated to watch them online in VUWS. In my opinion, I think it’s a good thing as it gives us a heads up on what we’ll be discussing.


And also, it’s really convenient when taking notes. You can rewind and write down everything that seems important to you.

5. Lunch break at the cafe.

The cafés in university is the best way to relax and chill with your other classmates and friends. From there, we just talk about what we did in the weekend and just hang out. And the food is really good as well. It’s also the best place to read a book, go through your social media (and in some campuses, play pool).


The best way to take a break before the second tutorial.

6. Group study at the library.

After you’ve done all your classes, time to hit the library to work together as a group for the assignments and quizzes. Sure you can try to tackle them by yourself but there are times where you need the input of others just to get the mark you want. Two heads are better than one you know.


Did I forget to mention that the library in the Kingswood Campus has a café next to it.

6. Homework and more lecture pods.

After a long day of university, time to go home. But once I reach home, the first thing I do is watch the lecture pods needed for the classes the next day. I also work on my assignments as well because most of them require a lot of research and going through past topics and readings from previous lecture pods. This normally takes 3-5 hours of working and reading and sometimes, I end up staying up till midnight just to work on them. But as much as possible, I try to put in 3 hours of effort into them.

I sometimes go to the Facebook group to see what people have said about our recent assignments and projects.


7. Rest and repeat!

After that, I can do whatever I want. Most of the time, I just binge watch YouTube videos or talk to my friends on social media. But it’s either that or I fall asleep instantly because I have another long day ahead of me. Yay!

And this is basically my day as a Western Sydney University student. So far, I just do what feels natural for me and I know by the upcoming years, my day will be not as similar when I was a first year student. The workload will increase, but I’m ready! But what else happens in WSU?

What is a day in the life as a Western Sydney University student like for you? Tell us in the comments below!
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