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21 Rose Gold Hairstyles That Are Goals

21 Rose Gold Hairstyles That Are Goals

Rose gold hairstyles have become really popular over the last few months and it is the perfect look for summer. Here are hairstyles that are goals!

Rose Gold is all the trend these days, from phones to computers to make up looks. Mostly because of it’s beautiful light pink colour with a blend of metallic. Rose gold hair is taking over. It’s slowly becoming every glamorous girls hair-goals.  If you are like me, after seeing these pictures you will most likey be changing your hair colour. Here are 21 rose gold hairstyles that you will definitely want to copy!

1. Queen Kylie Style

We all know that Kylie Jenner is the queen of hair colour. So, why not add her first. She went for a beautiful fairy floss looking hair colour.


2. Pastel Rose Gold

This is a more subtle rose gold, it’s more of a pastel look to it and isn’t too over the top. It almost has a peachy tinge to it.

3. Rose Gold Highlights

You don’t need to dye all of your hair to have the beautiful rose gold look. This is an Ombre look to add a bit of colour to dark hair. The different shades of rose gold and blonde add a beauttiful effect. They are subtle but not too subtle.


4. Darker Rose Gold

This Dark rose gold colour is so beautiful. It’s prefect for someone not wanting to go crazy over the top with colour. It just looks like gorgeous highlights. Most of the highlights start half way down giving the look of Ombre hair.

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5. Bright Rose Gold Hair

If you wanted to go for bright rose gold hair, this will be your go-to hair colour. It’s very bright and beautiful. The curls add so much more to the hairstyle and makes the colour stand out even more.

6. Pastel Rose Gold Bob

A lot of people are choosing the bob over having long hair. That doesn’t meant you have to miss out on having rose gold hair. This peachy rose gold hair looks amazing on short hair and the braid is an added bonus.


7. Metallic Chic

I feel like this is the rose gold iphone in a hair colour. It’s bright, beautiful and a really bold colour. It almost looks like it has a purple tinge to it that just make the colour stand out even more.

8. Katy Perry Rose Gold

A lot of celebrities are jumping on the rose gold hair bandwagon and Katy Perry is one of them. She is rocking this rose gold bob which has a tinge of orange in it with strands of pink. The dark part at the top gives the effect of fuller hair.

9. Rose Gold Highlights

Here is another Ombre hair colour. The different shades of rose gold has a beautiful effect. It almost looks like it is darker underneath.


10. Mutli Coloured Hair

Having Rose gold hair doesn’t mean it just has to be rose gold. As you can see here, this person has a bit of purple highlights. It makes the colour stand out.

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11. Pastel Locks

This is not as out there as some of the others I have posted but it’s a beautiful, pastel Rose Gold hair colour. It sort of has an angelic look to it.

12. Dusty Rose Gold Hair

This hair colour is more of a dusty rose gold and it’s a little darker than others. It almost has a burgundy tinge to it. It’s a beautiful colour for the winter season.


13. This dark Hairdo

This one is on the darker side, but it’s still a beautiful colour. The highlights of blonde make the colour stand out so much more. I feel this would be great for summer because it’s bright and fresh.

14. Golden Braid

As you can see any hairstyle looks amazing with rose gold hair. This colour starts a little darker and slowly gets lighter. It makes the braid stand out so much more. By the looks of it the model had brown hair, which goes to show no matter what your original hair colour is rose gold can change it.


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15. Multi-coloured Curls

This also goes to show that no matter what texture or style of hair you have you can have rose gold hair. The different shades of rose gold and the hints of pink tie this look together perfectly. The regrowth just adds the perfect touch. I might need to try this on myself.

16. Ombre Coloured Hair

I feel like any colour is in fashion right now so this purple to rose gold ombre effect is perfect. The difference between the purple and the rose gold is not noticable it just blends perfectly. I feel like this would look amazing with any colour.


17. Rose Gold Chunky Highlights

This one looks beautiful. The dark to light ombre effect and the multi-coloured highlights look amazing. The purple and what looks like blue highlights blend well together. I adore this one so much.

18. This bob

Here is another rose gold bob but in a different style. This almost looks like light red highlights added to the rose gold, makes it look more metallic. The dark roots give it an ombre effect.

19. Side Braid

Here is another pastel rose gold hair colour. As you can see it’s not as bright or over the top as some of the other ones. It looks very angelic and fresh. The braid almost looks like a crown that finishes the look.


20. Dip Dyed Ombre

If you don’t want to dye your whole hair this ombre effect will be perfect for you. I feel like I would do this to my hair. I adore this style. It has a beautiful ombre that gradually gets lighter and the colour stands out so much.

21. Rose Gold Baylage

If you dont want to go too crazy with colour this will be perfect for you. The colour blends nicely with the original hair colour and it all works well together. The colour blends in with the original hair colour which means it wont stand out a lot.

Would you do any of these colours in your hair? If you see any other amazing rose gold hair colours leave them in the comments below or share this article!

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