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20 Things You Should Definitely Bring To Uni

20 Things You Should Definitely Bring To Uni


The requirements of what’s needed to bring to uni are really different than when we were all in high school. Back then, there were so many restrictions, and depending on where you used to study, you were probably questioned by your peers on why you brought said item. But once you leave the gates of high school and enter university, you will realise that there is a huge difference; at uni it’s basically a free-for-all (especially if you live in campus). As long what you bring is legal and it wont interferes with your studies, the possibilities are endless. Here are 20 things that you should definitely, definitely bring to uni.

1. A Laptop (FINALLY!!!)

Remember back in high school when we had to deal with really bad laptops that consistently had issues like inability to access MS Office or Google? Those days are gone. In university, the first thing you should pack is your laptop because at university, there is FREE internet! It doesn’t matter if the university provides working computers, you should have your own custom made weapon of choice. The only thing you have to worry about is the Internet speed of the facility.

2. Fan merch

In university, it’s a shame free zone where you will be accepted for whatever fandom you are (if it’s really popular). If you’re walking to class with a Harry Potter book in your hands you can almost guarantee someone will stop you and say, “Did you like the book?” Wearing and/or bringing fan merchandise is like a friend magnet, it helps attract like-minded individuals.


3. Designer outfits (or just really expensive clothes)

Let’s be real, we all hated our school uniforms. Summer, winter, sports, we hated it. It’s baggy, it’s too thick or thin, it’s too short – we were always trying to find a loophole in the uniforms requirement (and it worked about 50% of the time). Thankfully, in uni you can bring the clothes that you ACTUALLY WANT TO WEAR.

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4. Debit/Credit card

This for the people who can’t be bothered to pack their own lunch and thus must rely on all the cafes the university provides. And sure, they will accept cash but bring your card for convenience.


5. Medicine

Hate to break it to you, but sickbay doesn’t exist in university anymore (unless your friends studying medicine count… or the hospital/GP). Bring to uni a medical kit just in case you injure yourself, or need something to help get rid of that massive headache from constant studying.

6. A camera

Want to capture all those precious moments to show off you your old classmates from high school through social media (mostly Instagram and Facebook)? That’s where the camera comes in. Take really beautiful snapshots (or selfies) of you and your new friends to share with your old classmates, saying that your university is really awesome where in fact, it’s boring and harder than the HSC.

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7. A really big bag

I’m sure you can remember complaining about how your school bag couldn’t fit all your textbooks and gear inside. Keep that in mind when shopping for a new bag to bring to uni. You know how people refer to uni students “carrying bricks?” This is due to the sheer amount of items we must lug around all day. Invest in a big, study bag to help (especially if you are media or photography student – make sure you having something that fits that DSLR Camera).

8. Instruments

Made some friends? Bored? Finished homework and have nothing else planned? DON’T WORRY, bring your instruments and go play it on the grass or in a private room and have your own jam session with your friends. I saw a few guitarist and violinist during my first few weeks at uni playing songs, filling the university with not only with colour but also with music. Who knows, you could all form a band and be the next big thing?

9. Makeup

Most girls are going to want to bring their makeup kit to uni whether to freshen up in between lectures, or to make yourself look extra appealing to the boys. Either way, you don’t have to worry about getting yelled at for wearing lipstick anymore.


10. Coffee cups… lots of coffee cups

Even if university sounds like a hoot with all the parties you’ll be going to and friends you will be making, keep in mind that you’ll also be waking up way earlier than you used to do in high school. This is especially true if you have to travel to uni. Make sure you have a couple of travel coffee mugs so you don’t end up sleeping in class.

11. Onesie

Too lazy to change your clothes after pulling off an all nighter on an assignment? Or is your university club having a 24-hour sleepover? Don’t worry, bring a onesie (especially if it’s really cold!). Not only it will make you warm and comfortable, but you will bring a smile to your peer’s faces for being really funny if you wear it to class! After all, university is a shame-free zone. Normalness leads to sadness right?

12. Stuffed toys

Because why not bring a friend who has been there for you for nearly 18 years of your life! Let it ride on your backpack or just leave it in your dorm room to guard your things. Remember, that toy of yours has been there all your life!


13. Bed covers

Take a tiny bit of home with you with your bed and pillow covers. That way, whenever you sleep at night, you feel like you’re still at home, not wanting to leave your bed when it’s time to wake up.


14. Posters/Photos

This is more for the people who live on campus. The university accommodation may seem a little bit stale or plain to you so why not colour it up with large images of your favourite movie or celebrity. Feel homesick? Then stick up some photos of your family and friends on that wall as well! You are able to personalise that wall as long it doesn’t damage the property. I just wish you luck when you attempt to remove it all when you move out.

15. Resume/CV

For some of you, if you live in the university, you might want to pick up a small job. Prepare a folder of multiple copies of the same resume and CV so you can easily apply to a job when you find something interesting. Who knows, that job might even lessen your debt of student fees.

16. Every electronic device you can think off

Aside of your laptop and phone, there will be those people who bring their iPod, iPad and their other mobile device to university (and sometimes, their video games). Just be sure to check ahead of time if  the university even allows you to bring the consoles in the dorms.


17. Your car

Just got your P’s? Good, you can finally travel to university on your own (or have a carpool with your new or old friends). You can be finally be free from the crowdedness of the public transport system. The only thing you have to worry about is paying the parking permit.

18. Your bike

Can’t drive but still live near by? Bring a bike and park it to a tree near your building. That way, you’re exercising and saving the environment when making your daily travels to campus. Just try to survive riding that bike uphill.

19. ID card

Unlike high school where your school ID card was something you would rarely bring, in uni, this is more of a mandatory requirement since some facilities (and the shuttle bus) requires you to bring it. This piece of plastic is proof that you do study in the university if you plan to stay overnight in the library (and in some cases, it’s proof that you’re 18 years old when you go out).


20. Traditional school supplies

There are some more traditional things you should bring to uni too, like a handy dandy notebook and pens to take notes.

Good list of things to bring to uni!

What else should you definitely bring to uni? Share in the comments below!

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