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20 Signs You Go To ACU Melbourne

20 Signs You Go To ACU Melbourne


I feel very lucky to be a part of such a unique university and campus. From the statues to the priests on-campus, there are many signs you go to ACU Melbourne. As you’re getting comfortable back at ACU, whether its your first year or your last year, here are 20 signs you go to ACU Melbourne!

1. Seeing the ‘not anonymous’ sign everytime you take the stairs.

At the foot of the stairs in the Mary Glowrey Building, there’s a neon sign on the wall that reads I am….not anonymous. It’s the work of a social artist called Konstantin Dimopopoulos. If you’ve ever used the stairs, you will have seen it.


2. Walking through the Mary Glowrey Building before heading home.

If you attend ACU Melbourne, you’ve undoubtedly been through this building. It’s the first one you see on your way to uni every day, and probably the last one you see before going home. In the Mary Glowrey Building you’ll find the Co-op Bookshop, the café, library and other student services.

3. You never get tired of events in Cathedral Hall.

Not every student has the chance to attend class in this building, but it really is a wonder and has a rich history. Also known as Central Hall, work began on the building 113 years ago in 1903. Cathedral Hall has had many uses over the years, including jazz nights, ballroom dances, hosting bands like Midnight Oil, and was even a venue used for boxing matches.

4. You love to relax at the Rooftop Café.

The Rooftop Café can be found on the sixth floor of the Daniel Mannix building (see #15). The open air café overlooks Fitzroy and the city of Melbourne, giving ACU students amazing views and an ideal place to relax.


5. You put up with the awfully busy parking.

If you want to get a parking spot at ACU Melbourne, you better get there extremely early or extremely late in the day. Parking is always busy here, especially since the parking lot became open to the public early this year.

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6. You see crucifixes everywhere!

Since we’re a Catholic university, you’ll find small crosses or crucifixes in every tutorial room and lecture theatre. It’s almost like a trademark reminding you that you’re an ACU student, and when you see them you feel at home.


7. You look for the cardboard cut out of the Pope.

Unfortunately we haven’t seen Pope Francis for a while, but sometimes we see his cardboard cut out chilling on the balcony of the Campus Ministry. Cool guy!

8. You’ve signed up for the MCSA.

The MCSA is our Melbourne Campus Student Association. If you’ve ever been part of extra-curricular activities at uni, you’ve most likely come across our MCSA.


9. You pretty much live on trams.

Four trams run past ACU’s Melbourne Campus, and most of us students who don’t drive to uni rely on them to get home.

10. You take a selfie with Mary MacKillop.

Every student at ACU Melbourne knows the name of Mary Mackillop. She was born across the road from where our campus stands today, and holds special significance for our university.


11. The library’s always packed.

Like the carpark, it’s difficult to get a seat in the library unless you go early in the day or later on in the afternoon. Even though there’s three floors at our disposal, the going still gets tough when everyone is trying to find a quiet place to chill or study.

12. You’re used to seeing priests on campus.

Not every university student can say that they see priests and bishops walking around their campus, but of course ACU is an exception. We’re a unique university for many reasons, and this is one of them.

13. You never get tired of the views!

No matter which building you’re in or what level you’re on, amazing views can always be found. There’s nothing like studying or taking classes whilst overlooking the lively business district of Melbourne.


14. The… interesting statues around campus no longer surprise you.

You will have come across many statues around campus, and you’ve probably looked at some of them with a screwed up face. You know which one I’m talking about….


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15. You enjoy having class in the Daniel Mannix Building.

The Daniel Mannix Building is probably our biggest. The ACU website describes TDMB as “one of Australia’s premier buildings for teaching, research and learning”.

16. You’re prepared for the crazy Melbourne weather!

Anyone who lives in Melbourne and studies at ACU knows how unpredictable our weather can be. When you arrive at uni in the morning, it could be bright and warm. But on your way home, the weather could do a complete 180 and become wet and miserable. Moral of the story, always bring an umbrella, no matter how bright the sun is in the morning.


17. You accept that there’s no “on-campus” accommodation.

Some universities in Australia have on-campus accommodation, but some don’t. ACU is one of the universities that don’t, so students living away from home find accommodation elsewhere.

18. There’s so many of us!

We may be a small campus, but there’s over 9,000 students studying at ACU Melbourne! Who would’ve thought?


19. You can’t stop going on “Maccas Runs”.

If you’re an Australian, you know that “maccas runs” are of cultural importance. Since we have a McDonalds five minutes down the road, a lot of us know what it’s like to ditch the diet and do a quick run before class.


20. You’re still amazed when you explore the Saint Patrick’s Cathedral!

Our campus is called “Saint Patrick’s Campus”, and Saint Patrick’s Cathedral is only a short walk away. It’s a huge building that continues to amaze me after studying at ACU for almost a full year. If you’re an ACU Melbourne student and haven’t checked it out yet, I’d highly recommend doing so on your next break!

What are other signs that you go to ACU Melbourne? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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