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20 Reasons Why La Trobe Is The Best School On Earth

20 Reasons Why La Trobe Is The Best School On Earth

It doesn’t matter what attracted you to the school, you still proudly represent. Here’s 20 reasons why La Trobe is the best of the best.

Everyone thinks their university is the best and why wouldn’t you? In some places, uni is the first time people get to make their own choices about where they get an education. It doesn’t matter what attracted you to the school, you still proudly represent when you get the chance. Here’s 20 reasons why La Trobe is the best of the best.

1. Firstly, THE DUCKS!

Anyone who knows a La Trobe student knows we’re really proud of them. I mean, they’re kind of violent but we love them anyway.

2. Our Wildlife Sanctuary.

The ducks and other random wildlife casually roaming around the campus are pretty awesome and what better way to protect them than to have a wildlife sanctuary on campus.


3. The teaching staff are super helpful and friendly.

Responses are usually fast and informative and they’re always up for a chat after class if you need to clarify anything.

4. Actually, make that pretty much everyone is super friendly.

Everyone does their best to help out others when we can – especially when it comes to finding a car spot. Shout out to everyone who has ever given me their car spot when they’re leaving.

5. There are so many classes to choose from and you don’t have to stick with ones that match your degree.

Usually, as long as a class is in your general type of study you can do pretty much whatever subjects you want.

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6. We’ve got a club for pretty much anything you might be interested in.

There’s clubs for media, cheer and dance, competitive gaming and animal rights just to name a few.

7. The Bake’n’Bean.

This little cafe is my favourite on campus and judging by the fact that they’re almost always packed they’re many other’s favourite as well. Pretty much any hot drink you could want as well as some cold ones and their amazing baked goods. Pretty much everything is made to order or baked fresh daily, the pricing is reasonable and they have no minimum EFTPOS.

8. All the food.

If baked goods aren’t your thing you can get a variety of other cuisines on campus. With everything from Subway to the much loved HSP and everything in between you’re sure to find something that pleases you.


9. It’s practically a miniature town.

We’re basically only missing a supermarket on campus and our own post code. Plus there’s a shopping centre within walking distance so we pretty much have everything you could need.

10. Pokestops EVERYWHERE.

If you’re into Pokemon Go, then you’re in luck. There are very few buildings on campus without Pokestops in or near them. And we’ve got a ton of Magikarp so you can get that Gyarados you’ve always wanted.

11. Our courses are always evolving to meet current industry requirements.

Put simply this means better access to jobs which is always good.


12. The Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre.

We have Australia’s first dedicated Autism Spectrum Disorder research centre.

13. There’s almost always something fun going on on campus – especially if you live on (or know someone who lives on) residence.

From sausage sizzles to movie nights and free pizza there’s usually at least something going on at any given time.

14. It’s a really supportive environment.

Refer to friendly people giving me their parking space, Seriously though, we really do help each other out and offer support when we can. Lost car keys almost always find their way home quickly and if you need a study buddy they’re just a Facebook post away.


15. Two Birds, One Scone.

The awesome student initiative Two Birds, One Scone aims to reduce food waste on campus by giving said food to those who need it.


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16. Stalkerspace.

So this one sounds weird but it’s literally just a massive Facebook group for current La Trobe students and alumni. It’s not an official thing but considering it has 24 thousand members I feel like it may as well be.

17. The Moat.

Because every university needs a water feature.


18. Bordchardt Library.

Known to be especially useful when it’s open until midnight during exam periods, there’s even snacks provided on occasion.

19. Security.

Not only do they deal with things that go wrong and keep students safe in general they’ll also walk you to your car (or dorm room) if you get out of class after dark.

20. And, of course, the upside down statue.

We all love our universities but I think I speak for most La Trobians when I say I’m proud to be an eagle.

What are your favorite things about La Trobe? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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