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10 Money Saving Tips For Students

10 Money Saving Tips For Students


Everyone knows life can be pretty expensive. Sure, there isn’t a whole lot we have to pay for while we’re still young but who doesn’t want to have a bit of money in the bank?
Here are a few money saving tips during your uni years before rent, bills, HECS, and kids come into play!

1. Sign up for Student Edge and UNiDAYS.

Websites likes these offer amazing discounts on popular brands and the only requirement is that you have to be a full-time university student!

2. Get loyalty cards with stores you visit often.

Most loyalty programs run on a points-based system where the points you receive can be used to buy more stuff. Some even offer birthday treats! It’s worth it if you can put up with the spam emails.

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3. Never online shop before searching for coupons.

Always do a quick Google search for coupon codes for whatever it is that you’re purchasing. About 80% of the time, there will at least be a free delivery code to use!

4. Keep grocery receipts for Shop A Dockets.

Most franchise grocery stores (Coles, Woolworths etc.) will have Shop A Dockets printed on the back of receipts. They will usually be for local restaurants or cafes and the deals are actually pretty good so save them!


5. Ask for price matches.

When you’re buying more expensive things, like electronics or kitchen appliances, make sure to ask for price matches! Most of the time, stores will do it just to get the sale and you might even get a cheaper offer!

6. Eat at home when you can.

Buying lunch at uni every day can really chew up your bank account, so try your best to eat before and after you go out! If you have a particularly long day, try packing a homemade wrap instead of buying the $12 one from the café.

7. Bring a bottle of water with you when you go out.

I almost always do this because the number one thing I hate spending money on is water! Why fork out $4 for a bottle when you can basically get it for free if you came prepared?


8. Take the bus.

If you can survive without the car, take the bus! The trip might take you slightly longer but you won’t have to pay for petrol or parking!

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9. Make sure your bank account accumulates interest.

Check your savings account to make sure you’re earning a good amount of interest from your money. If you’re not, call up the bank and try to switch to one that will suit your daily use AND earn you a bit of money on the side!

10. Budget, budget, budget!

This might be an obvious one, but practice self control! Limit yourself to only one shopping spree a month, or one PS4 game every three months, or one concert a year – whatever you think is reasonable! Just stick to it!


What are some other money saving tips for students? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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