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10 Au Naturel Skin Benefits That Will Make You Wear Less

Who doesn’t want a few skin benefits to help you feel even more beautiful in your natural state? Well you can make these at home! From issues like body hair to calloused feet and everything in between, these natural skin benefits are easy to whip up and will make you want to show off your beautiful body every chance you get!

1. Skin Brightening Scrub

This brightening body scrub is intended for those annoying dark and dry elbows and knees. The recipe is easy and natural, consisting of lemon juice, olive oil, salt, sugar, and honey. The natural bleaching and toning properties of lemon juice and honey paired with the moisturizing effects of olive oil and those fantastic sugar and salt exfoliants mean this recipe has multiple skin benefits! You will give your knees and elbows the royal treatment, which they deserve since they always bump into everything.

All you have to do is mix the ingredients together, wet your knees and elbows, rub on the mixture for 10 minutes, and rinse it off, followed with a coating of lotion. Incorporate these skin benefits every day for about two weeks, and in no time, you’ll be flaunting those hinge joints!

2. Skin Softening Vegan Hemp Butter

The skin benefits of this easy to make vegan hemp butter can cover any dry patch on your body! There are only three ingredients — hemp seed oil, bayberry wax, and candelilla wax — and they blend together to form an ultra moisturizing body butter great for healing dry hands or any dry patch that normal lotion just isn’t erasing.

To enjoy these skin benefits, simply melt the ingredients in a double boiler. Once melted, you can add some essential oils to scent the butter or leave it as is, whatever you prefer. Then, pour the mixture into a container and let it cool a few days. It’s so easy, and well worth the soft skin you will totally want everyone to touch!

3. Honey Cinnamon Face Mask

This face mask has skin benefits for almost every kind of skin. It helps get rid of fine lines, acne, dead skin, and dryness, and even relieves eczema. The ingredients really are only honey and cinnamon, yet these two natural and yummy items alone take care of all of these things! Say what?!

Just mix the two raw ingredients together and cover your face with the mixture. Wash it off with warm water in about 10 minutes and bask in your revitalized face! The recipe does recommend testing the mixture on a small part of your skin before enjoying the skin benefits to make sure your skin is not sensitive to it. It also gives a nutmeg variation to the recipe for even better skin benefits! After this, you’ll want to go foundation-free to show off that glow!

4. Cellulite Coffee Scrub

Did you know skin benefits existed for such things? They do! Cellulite happens, though we wish it didn’t. This coffee scrub is so easy to make, containing only coffee grounds, coconut oil, and either sea salt or sugar, you pick. The best way to fight cellulite is to get that blood flowing, and the caffeine in coffee combined with the exfoliating action of the salt or sugar means stimulation of those vessels!

To get these skin benefits, add the melted coconut oil to the coffee grounds and salt or sugar and thoroughly mix. Then you have it to rub on to your skin while you shower! The recipe recommends using a scrub brush for application to get extra cell stimulation and maximum skin benefits. You’ll be swim suit ready in no time!

5. Seaweed Scrub Foot Mask

There are a lot of adjectives for this foot mask/scrub because this recipe offers multiple routes to reap rewarding skin benefits! Nobody likes rough, visibly dry feet, but so many of us suffer these symptoms. This recipe lets you decide whether you scrub your feet to exfoliate or mask them to hydrate, both of which are great remedies!

The ingredient list for this one is a bit uncommon, consisting of rhassoul clay, seaweed powder, fine pumice, sea salt, and citric acid, but the skin benefits make it well worth the hunt. Stir the ingredients together, and you’re finished! Add warm water when you want to enjoy the skin benefits, and massage the fluffy paste onto your feet. Rinse off immediately or let it dry before rinsing. Whatever you choose, you will be jonesing for some sandal weather to show off those beauties!

6. Tropical Shimmer Body Butter

You know your skin benefits from a little moisture, and your soul from a little shimmer. This shimmery body butter will give you both! The shimmer is subtle, but the moisture is rich, which is the perfect day to day ratio. To dazzle with these skin benefits, you will need mango butter, virgin coconut oil, cocoa butter, vitamin E oil, and bronze mica. All are moisturizers except the bronze mica, which is the glitz.

To begin enjoying these skin benefits, melt all of the moisturizers together, then stir while cooling until it reaches a certain degree of thickness. Next, stir in that shimmer! Pour the product into a container of your choice and let it cool. Now you can apply these skin benefits whenever you want to have that little extra sparkle!

7. Natural Tanning Lotion

These skin benefits are natural confidence boosters for the paler ones of us, and they are a lot cheaper to make than buying some tanning lotion from the store! There are several recipes for natural tanning lotions and oils, all of which are simple and give the same results as fake tans! The lotions consist of an unscented white lotion base and tints using undiluted pure cocoa powder, caffeinated coffee grounds, and tea bags. The oils, which compare to spray tans, involve such ingredients as brown sugar, carrots, black tea, and vanilla extract. These skin benefits behave like their common store counterparts, so keep this in mind when applying!

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For the lotions, simply mix the lotion with the cocoa powder, concentrated brewed coffee, or concentrated brewed tea until you achieve a desired shade. Feel free to test the mixture on your skin before going too dark and making these skin benefits into skin mistakes! For the oils, boil and simmer the brown sugar and carrots or black tea and vanilla, whichever recipe you choose, and strain the clumps out. Pour this concoction into a spray bottle and spray away! With these skin benefits, you will want to show off those legs this summer for sure!

8. Scar Removal Cream

Stretchmarks happen, as do all sorts of skin-scarring incidents. That’s why the skin benefits of this scar eraser can extend to the depths of soul healing. With only lemon juice, honey, and egg whites, all of which are natural toners, you can create a salve that will diminish or erase your scars within a few weeks.

Mix these three ingredients together and start applying! Cover your scars and wash off in about 15 minutes. Do this once a week and see the results in no time! Soon, you will be intentionally leaving that spot uncovered, if it’s a spot you can show!

9. Soothing Bath Soak

Your skin absorbs a lot, so what better way to remedy your body than with a bath? Whether you are feeling stressed, sick, sore, sleepy, or scratchy, the skin benefits of these bath soak recipes will help soothe your body inside and out. Each recipe targets a different ailment and is comprised of all natural ingredients. From something as simple as a ginger bath to something as pampering as an oat and rose bath, these varying recipes will give you the skin benefits you need.

Some of the baths are simply one ingredient added to the water, as in the green tea bath recipe. Others are bath bags you make and set aside for a while to let them infuse to get the ultimate skin benefits from them. After whichever bath you choose, you will want to go out and be confidently you!

10. Natural Hair Removal

We all have body hair we do not want, but some of the typical hair removal solutions can be harsh on skin. Check out the skin benefits of these natural hair removal recipes that are gentle enough for all parts of your body! These recipes have ingredients ranging from rye flour to lentils, but they all have a common ingredient: lemon juice. Whatever recipe you choose, it will remove unwanted hair while also lightening the roots, which are two great skin benefits we all like.

For whichever recipe you wish to try, just mix the raw ingredients into a paste and apply it to the unwanted hair. All but one recipe recommends leaving on the paste for about 30 minutes, but the one that is different recommends only 5 minutes, so make sure to check this out! Once the time is up, massage off the paste and hair and apply lotion. Try the hemp butter mentioned earlier in this article! Do this routine as much as necessary to keep that unwanted hair at bay. Now it’s time to strut your stuff!

What do you think of these natural skin benefits? Are there any homemade skin benefits you have tried and liked? Let me know in the comments below!

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