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Attention All PNM’s: Here’s How You Can Score Major Points During Rush Week

Attention All PNM’s: Here’s How You Can Score Major Points During Rush Week

Rush week: everything you thought you knew about joining a sorority, put to the test. Ever thought about what rush week feels like at a college or university, but scared to try it out? Wondering what to say, what to do, or what to wear? Don’t worry! Stay tuned for how to score some points, and wow everyone there. Get ready to meet your best friends and closest connections, for many years to come.

Attention All PNM’s: Here’s How You Can Score Major Points During Rush Week

1. Talk About Your Major

I know it sounds hard to believe, but joining a sorority is more than wearing cute shirts and going to parties. Showing and demonstrating your commitment to school and academics during rush week is essential. Most sororities and similar organizations require a minimum grade point average, usually ranging in the mid 2’s or low 3s. Pretty standard, but if you ever have a bad semester (like we all do), and your GPA drops below (let’s say, for example), a 2.5, you’ll be put on some form of probation, but it isn’t as scary as it sounds. Your sorority sisters want whats best for you and your overall academic performance. Everyone wants you to succeed. To ensure that you are on track to graduate, this standard is set to keep you working!

2. Ask Questions

You have questions, of course! It’s your first time at an unfamiliar event and you don’t know what you should or shouldn’t ask – and that’s okay! The first day or two at any rush week will consist of getting to know each other, offering information, and a few fun and simple ice breakers. There usually is a couple of girls that are already in the sorority, going around and asking if the PNMS (potential new members) have any questions about any of the info that is being explained. Everyone knows that its nerve-racking to be new, nevermind being at a college event. If you are asked if you have any questions, ask them! Chances are, at least one or two other girls are in the same boat, wondering the same thing. Don’t be shy!

Attention All PNM’s: Here’s How You Can Score Major Points During Rush Week

3. Get To Know Fundraising

When it comes to rush week, there will be a lot of fundraising discussions. A lot, if not all of the sororities fundraise for a good cause, usually a breast cancer walk, or something similar, raising money for a good cause. Fundraising is a huge part of greek life. Get to know the cause, and have fun!

Attention All PNM’s: Here’s How You Can Score Major Points During Rush Week

4. Relax

Your nervous, and that’s ok! There are so many girls promoting a concept that you know little about, and it’s understandable. Just be yourself, be confident and friendly, because everyone is just as nervous as you are. Bring a friend from class or roommate with you the first day or two to rush week, so you know what to expect going forward. It may help calm nerves, too. Have fun with this experience, because it only happens once in your college career! Enjoy!

5. Dress The Part

I know you are probably wondering what to wear, duh! If you are unsure of what to wear during rush week, keep it simple! One thing that I wish I knew before rushing was that all of the sorority sisters are going to be wearing the same colors, and I accidentally wore a pink tank top, the same color shirt as all of the sisters. Oops! I would suggest, depending on where you go to school and what season it is, for winter, jeans, (black, blue) and a cute top you feel comfortable in, with a jacket depending on the season. For the fall semester, again where you go to school is crucial, I’d wear a jean skirt and a trendy off the shoulder blouse. Whatever you end up wearing, you’ll rock it, girl!

Attention All PNM’s: Here’s How You Can Score Major Points During Rush Week

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6. Be Friendly

One of the most important things to know about rush week is to be friendly. There is something called “big little”, and it is basically who you find you click well with. My big became my best friend almost instantly, and I’m so lucky I met her! Just one conversation can lead you to a lifelong friendship. Always be open to joining a new conversation, talk about something with a stranger, and laugh a lot! One helpful tip in addition to being friendly is to try to challenge yourself to step outside of your comfort zone, branch out, and talk to people that you normally might not. These types of qualities are idealistic in greek life and won’t go unnoticed! Have fun with it!

Attention All PNM’s: Here’s How You Can Score Major Points During Rush Week

7. Be Yourself

I know that our parents have told us this about a million times growing up, but it never loses its value. Staying genuine and true to yourself is an important value in life because you will come across people who try and change you, or in this case, rush week can put a lot of pressure to try to be someone you are not. Don’t worry! Stay calm, and don’t hesitate to talk about things that you genuinely value, or hobbies that you enjoy. Sticking to what makes you happy is one of the best pieces of advice to give. Follow your heart! There are at least two other girls with the same mindset as you. The majority of my friends who I still talk to every day are from my sorority in college. These friendships are built in college but don’t fade once you walk across the stage.

8.  Eat The Snacks

Ha, this may sound funny, but during rush week there are a few light refreshments and snacks that are put out for the PNM’s to enjoy and feel relaxed. Don’t be afraid to eat them! That’s what they are there for! Some may order pizza, have a sandwich platter, or have an assortment of snacks. Take a soda and grab some chips and mingle, girl!

I hope everyone enjoyed reading my article, comment below how your rush week experience was!

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