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Atlanta: How To Have A Week Of Fun

Atlanta: How To Have A Week Of Fun

When visiting Atlanta there are a plethora of things to do in the city. Bars here, exhilarating restaurants there, and great plays everywhere. In all the madness of planning a trip in Atlanta, having a native Atlantian guide you is ideal. After reading this article, you will know exactly how to have a week of fun in Atlanta. 

Day 1: Waffle Houe And Bowling 

Dave and Busters and Stars And Strikes are the most well-known bowling joints in and around the city. They provide the family with a safe space to bowl and play pool, while also giving the parents a break as the arcade is well within eyeshot of the bowling lanes. The atmosphere is thrilling and it will be a great bonding experience for the family, given some space from the kids as well.  Though, pizza and wings are only good for so long. Arcade food has its limits; so, after much time playing it up, a decent meal sounds phenomenal right? 

Everyone in Atlanta knows about Waffle House. Many tourists are surprised about Waffle House from the very moment they cross the threshold to the restaurant. The only restaurant open in the city open 24/7 that provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner at any time of the day is the best place to go after any function. Say, bowling? After a night of bowling, head out to Waffle House for some breakfast, dinner, or lunch, your choice. There is bound to be one every eight blocks.


Day 2: Atlantic Station And A Movie

I know how it sounds. Go to Atlanta just to see a movie? You could definitely watch the same movie at home. Don’t be fooled by this seemingly simple event. Atlantic Station has a lot of features to offer you. This gives you the opportunity to do your shopping early on in your trip. There are a variety of shops available to you. There is a Bath & Body Works, Dillard’s, Old Navy, and Target just to name a few. Insisting on exposing you to the best experience possible while in the city, there are various restaurants in Atlantic Station. 

So, you have food, clothes, lotions, and body sprays. Now, what is missing? A movie! Your visit would not be complete without watching a movie in Atlantic Station’s thematic movie theatre. The ticket prices are fair and the snacks are absolutely amazing. Just beyond ticket entry are some amazing video games that will capture your children’s attention instantly. This would be a great way to keep them occupied while grabbing food. No worries, the food station is right next to all the action the gaming frequently persuing in the theatre. After a day of shopping, winding down with a movie smells like sweet nectar calling your name. Indulge. 


Day 3: Stone Mountain and Smooth Jazz

Place after place after place within the city. Just outside the city is an attraction that every visitor just has to see and experience for themselves. Stones Mountain is a wonderful, action-packed activity for the whole family. The mountain has been designed to host many viewers. There are typically many events and festivals held at the mountain which attracts tourists and neighbors alike. Climbing this mountain will fill you with a rush of adrenaline. Once you reach the top, you will be able to see the city of Atlanta many others as well. The fun never ceases at Stone Mountain. 

Climbing the mountain is exciting and with the family, it will definitely be a memory in the family albums. Stone Mountain Park also has many attractions for the whole family to enjoy. No one is left out of the excitement when it comes to visiting Stone Mountain. After climbing a mountain and partaking in various activities, I believe a little peace is in due season. The kids might have to hang back on this one though. Experience some of Atlanta’s night-time music venues, namely St. James Live! Enjoy cocktails while watching a Jazz an Blues show. Enjoy the scenery, the vibe, and so much more while in attendance. 


Day 4: Metro Fun Center And Rose’s Cafe

Another arcade? Yes! Metro Fun Center is dedicated to providing the whole family with the experience of a lifetime. There is skating, bowling, pool, laser tag, and an arcade. The center pride itself on being family-oriented so, there is enough fun for the whole family to let loose and indulge a bit. The center is stocked with plenty of food options for everyone’s preferences. There is a Skating Concession as well as a rest and lounge restaurant coming soon. Parents, FYI, there is a bowling bar. 

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Also, the center is surrounded by various food options, ranging from fast food to restaurants. In the area is a JJ’ Fish, McDonald’s, and Captin D’s; though, the restaurant I would like to draw your attention to is just a five-minute drive from the center. Rose’s Cafe is a small, quaint restaurant serving deliciously affordable food. You can’t miss a chance to taste the uniqueness of this cafe. The food is great, the staff is wonderful, and the noise level is minimal. 

Day 5: More Late Night Music

Eddie’s Attic is always hosting events featuring indie artists; thus, they are always hosting an open mic for songwriters. If you are looking to share your gift with all of Decatur, leaving your mark in the city, this is your shot. The building is always packed to its max. The best features are the pool room and a covered patio. You can hear the party raving two locks away so don’t hesitate to pop your head in for a visit. 


Bonus Feature: Righ below Eddie’s Attic in Decatur is a Waffle House! So, after a week of fun, end your visit with some good ole Waffle House. You can’t go wrong with this. You are guaranteed to have a blast after visiting these attractions in Atlanta but always remember there is way more. Maybe on your next visit, you will discover something that fascinated you about the city. 

What fun things do you usually do in Atlanta? Tell us in the comments!