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Athletic Wear Brands That Will Keep You Stylish While Breaking A Sweat

Athletic Wear Brands That Will Keep You Stylish While Breaking A Sweat

With summer sadly on its way out, you might not be wondering what to do with those extra lbs you’ve put on as a result of all the cocktails you drank on holiday and the all inclusive food (I know, it’s hard to say no when it’s all inclusive!). Well, if you’re looking to get back into the gym or if you are a regular gym-goer that is just looking to revamp their gym gear, here we have some of the best athletic wear brands that will keep you looking super cute and stylish while you’re breaking a sweat. No matter what shape or size you are or whatever kind of athletic wear you are looking for, there are plenty of brands out there worth checking out. So, check our our favourite seven athletic wear brands!


If you want to be saving the planet whilst still looking super cute and breaking a sweat, TALA is definitely the brand for you. TALA repurposes offcuts to create their products and it even comes with a tag that you can plant! Prices are very reasonable and they also have great options for taller girls and plus size girls – so no matter your shape or preference, TALA will have something for you! Plus, TALA has been created and set up by none other than the gym queen herself, Grace Beverley, who knows exactly what a great athletic wear brand should be about, so she has ensured that her products are sweat proof, not at all see-through, and totally durable. Plus, buying from TALA means you get to support a young female entrepreneur – what more could you want!

Athletic Wear Brands That Will Keep You Stylish While Breaking A Sweat

2. Gymshark

Gymshark is perhaps one of the most well known athletic wear brands, and although they are known for being rather on the expensive side, in my opinion, they are well worth the money. The quality of Gymshark products is undeniable – you won’t have to worry about leggings being see-through or sports bras going bobbly if you buy from Gymshark. Plus, they do some of the best athletic wear for making you look ten times better than your really do! Their leggings have been specifically designed to hold everything in and make you appear super toned – they are the best choice if you are looking for super flattering leggings to make you feel confident in the gym!

3. Do You Even

Do You Even has some of the most flattering activewear ever – it will have you feeling super confident with its colourful high-waisted leggings and matching sports bras. Do You Even is not the cheapest of athletic wear brands, however, it also is not the most expensive. The quality of Do You Even products is also pretty good – they’re the kind of leggings that will probably last you a life time – and they’re all extremely comfy. So, if you aren’t on much of a budget and are looking to spend a real investment on some athletic wear that will last you a long while, Do You Even is definitely worth looking into!

4. Wearwolf Clothing

Wearwolf has some pretty unique designs for their gymwear. If you’re into camo and super cute and flattering sports bras, Wearwolf is right up your street! With arguably some of the most affordable options for gym leggings, Wearwolf is great if you’re on a budget but still want to look good at the gym.

Athletic Wear Brands That Will Keep You Stylish While Breaking A Sweat

5. Fabletics

If you are looking for an athletic wear brand that will tailor your outfit to the type of sport or workout that you are looking to do, or an athletic wear brand that will give you super cool and unique patterned leggings, Fabletics is certainly the one. With options for tall and short people and size upto 30, Fabletics really offers options for everyone, no matter their shape or size. The prices of the athletic wear available at Fabletics are also very reasonable, with prices as low as £30 for leggings, depending on what you pick.

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6. Pretty Little Thing

If you are looking for something super affordable, why not check out Pretty Little Thing? You might not think of Pretty Little Thing when looking for athletic wear, but they actually have a really great range of super low priced gym gear that is well worth checking out. With joggers available for just £13 and leggings for around £16, Pretty Little Thing is a great choice if you are on a budget or perhaps if you are just trying out the gym to see how it goes or aren’t a regular gym-goer. Plus, they do some super cute sets in gorgeous colours – be sure to check out their seamless set.

7. My Protein

If you are a regular exerciser or really serious about the gym, you have probably already heard of My Protein and likely have even bought from them. However, you probably know My Protein for their protein powders, bars and shakes etc, but they actually have a really great range of athletic wear that you definitely should check out!

Athletic Wear Brands That Will Keep You Stylish While Breaking A Sweat

8. Under Armour

Last, but certainly not least, we have Under Armour. Under Armour is definitely up there with Gymshark as one of the more expensive choices for athletic wear, however, if you are seriously looking to make an investment in some good quality athletic wear, Under Armour would definitely be a great choice!

So, whether you are an eco warrior looking to sport a really sustainable brand, or whether you are on a budget and looking for something more affordable, or if you’re a brand lover and want to go for good old Gymshark, or if you are looking to make a real investment in some good quality athletic wear, with these eight you have something for everyone. Let us know in the comments which athletic wear brand mentioned above you would most like to try or why not let us know what your go-to athletic wear brand is?

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