8 Athleisure Brands That Are Perfect For A Gym Or Cafe

Since athleisure brands have started to rise, we haven’t been able to see sports clothing the same! The world itself has its true definition inside it since it’s a combination between the words athletic and leisure which can basically be translate as the type of garments you can use to exercise, stay at home or even go and have a coffee with your friends. Athleisure styles bring comfort without losing any of your style, sometimes even adding a streetwear vibe to your looks. Luxury brands such as Channel or Dior started involving themselves on this new lifestyle, you can see examples of the athleisure world on Chanel’s Haute Couture Runway for Spring/Summer 2014 where the outfits where matched with sportive sneakers. Later on, singers like Beyoncé joined brands in her case Topshop to create a sport collection. The same happened with Rihanna that made a collaboration with Puma and released a variety of athleisure garments. As Mark Parker, Nike’s CEO, said once leggings are the new denim, and we couldn’t agree more! Dive in with a few of our favorite athleisure brands that you can use on any occasion!

1. Y-3

With an avant-garde spirit Yohji Yamamoto is the founder of Y-3 as a result of his close work with Adidas to create futuristic sportswear that falls perfectly into our favorite athleisure brands. Yamamoto was born in Tokyo and discovered is passion in the fashion world since his mother was a dressmaker herself. His creations are easily recognized by their oversized silhouettes, drapery, variety of textures and black tones. You can shop from pants, shirts, footwear to accessories including bags for both men and women on his stores or webpage. One of the most iconic designs of Y-3 is the Qasa footwear silhouette Be sure to check their garments especially if you are a fan of well-made designs in basic colors!

8 Athleisure Brands That Are Perfect For A Gym Or Cafe

2. Olivers Apparel

Dedicated to make the essentials but with the perfect fabrics they searched all around the world, Olivers Apparel started as a small workshop in California. David Wolfe is the founder of this brand and has constantly been on the pursuit of creating clothes for everyday wear. From pants to basic tees, they have it all! Their fabrics is what makes them one of our favorite brands. Including 100% Australian merino wool on their jerseys, cotton, technological textiles like dri fit or stretchy fabrics are what gives their garments that combination between casual and sportive resulting in a perfect athleisure brand you could rock on a family event or to go on a hike.

8 Athleisure Brands That Are Perfect For A Gym Or Cafe

3. Sweaty Betty

Founder of Sweaty Betty, Tamara Hill-Norton, spotted a gap I the activewear market since she was shocked that the sportswear area dedicated to women was dark, uninspired and dull. After that she decided she wanted to create a whole new market where woman could use the same clothes, they used to go to a dance class to go out with their friends later. Tamara paired with her husband Simon and with that idea in mind Sweaty Betty was born twenty years ago. In their brand you can find underwear, swimwear, all kinds of leggings, bottoms, tops that will definitely make you adore their brand on first sight!

8 Athleisure Brands That Are Perfect For A Gym Or Cafe

4. Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices believes in the power of doing things for fun than for just being the first. And their clothes definitely show that! One of their main goal as a brand is building a community of vibrant and varied recreationalist who believe in the power of doing things. This brand sells great quality athleisure wear including sports bra, crop tops, tees, pants, shorts to mention a few. They also have the option to build a kit if you don’t really know what to buy that are already pre-assembly and you just choose the option that fits you best. From hiking, to spinning to dog walking, you can find it all!

8 Athleisure Brands That Are Perfect For A Gym Or Cafe


An athleisure brand which letters are an acronym of Exercise Your State Of Mind founded by Stanley Cheung and based in Los Angeles, California. Their products have a great fit and accessible styles even though right now you can only shop tops and bottoms from them. Still they have a variety in these two categories which have helped them position the brand as a top option for getting stylish workout gear. Plus, their webpage is full of pictures of ripped dudes wearing their garments which might be useful as an inspirational source!

8 Athleisure Brands That Are Perfect For A Gym Or Cafe

6. Girlfriend Collective

A brand full of not only amazing garments but sustainability ideals, Girlfriend Collective has introduced themselves in the athleisure world as a top option. To make their garments, this brand, uses recycled polyester which they source from Taiwan’s waste, specifically plastic bottles. They also use recycled nylon the call ECONYL. If you like your garments in specific colors, then this is the brand for you! Girlfriend Collective offers the option of buying by color or by category, whatever fits you best!

8 Athleisure Brands That Are Perfect For A Gym Or Cafe


Based in New York City, ADAY is a brand that offers seasonless clothing that you can wear to the gym, to spend long hours on a flight and even to go to work. It was founded by meg a yoga teacher and Nina a competitive gymnast that meet in London and then move to the USA decided to work together. This brand sells simplify clothes that helps you create more outfit options with less garments. They also have pieces made out of recycled materials and a wide variety of pieces you need to check out!

8 Athleisure Brands That Are Perfect For A Gym Or Cafe

8. Under Armour

An all time favorite! Under Armour has had the athleisure brand title for a few years now offering a variety of garments you can style for either going to the mall or to a Pilates class.  Recently the brand collaborated with designer Tim Coppens to create a track record of solid and functional sportswear line that lacks anything but great style. On their webpage or nearest stores, you can find from bottoms thru high quality shirts and backpacks as versatile as the brand!

8 Athleisure Brands That Are Perfect For A Gym Or Cafe

Are you a fan of athleisure brands already? Let us know if you have any other favorites in the comments!

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