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15 At-home Products That Will Make Your Life More Relaxing

After a hard day’s work, you just want to be able to unwind and relax. Luckily, you won’t need to leave your house to get the relaxation you deserve with these at-home products that will make your life more relaxing. These relaxing products will enable you to give your mind and body the vacation it needs at any requested moment. 

1. Lavender-Scented Candles

Burn away your stress and worries at the strike of a match or flick of the lighter with lavender-scented candles. When you light the lavender candles, you are igniting its powers to relieve you of your anxiety and relax you, which is what lavender is known to do. Have your candle lit while you take a bath, read a book, etc. 

You can buy a lavender-scented candle at Walmart, Bath & Body Works, Yankee Candles, and anywhere else online like here.

2. Bath Bombs

Remember when you were chased throughout the house by one of your parents because they were trying to get you in the bathtub? It’s funny how kids hate taking baths but, as soon as they grow older, they appreciate them more and more. But the best thing about baths is bath bombs. If you have never taken a bath with a bath bomb, you must buy a bunch because once you use one you will be begging for more. These are some of the best relaxing products. Bath bombs are balls of delight that add essential oils, scent, color, and bubbles to your hot bath. You can buy bath bombs in any store or here

3. Bath Salts

Remember that episode of Friends, “The One Where Chandler Takes A Bath (Season 8, Episode 13)”, Monica draws Chandler a bath using her soothing bath salts and he likes it? As hilarious that episode was, the way it depicted bath salts was correct. Bath salts are soothing and have magical powers when it comes to relaxing. 

Fill your bathtub with water at your preferred temperature, pour in the soap for bubbles (or you can use bath bombs) and sprinkle your salts in and let the magic of healing and relaxation happen. Buy your bath salts at any store or click here

4. Full-Body Massage Mat

You don’t need to leave your house to get a full body massage. This full-body massage mat provides relief for that back, leg and neck pain. Wherever you lay, the mat can be; the couch, the bed, and the floor. All of your worries can be kneaded away with just a tiny remote that holds many heating, speed and massage options for you to choose from. Get the massage you deserve here

5. Ocean Wave Projector

You ever wonder what it’s like to be under the sea? The ocean wave projector can show you. Although you are not under the seal for real, the projector projects the illusion of being under the sea by illuminating ocean-like colors and movements. It is remote controlled and touch sensor with 12 LED lights, 7 color-changing modes, an adjustable 45-degree angle display, a built-in speaker for music, and an auto-off timer. 

So, if hearing the ocean with a sound spa is not enough, get the ocean wave projector to be in it. Catch a glimpse of what it’s like under the sea here

6. Wine

Wine is the definition of winding down, for people of age. From white to red to sparkling white, wine has so many options for you to choose from. This makes the list of the best relaxing products because there is a plant compound called resveratrol found in red wine, which helps relieve stress in the brain. So, the next time you stop in the wine section contemplating whether you should buy it or not, remember, it’s for a good cause. You can buy your wine at any store like ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, or you can click here

7. Scalp Massager

We all love going to the hair salon and when they wash our hair, they massage the scalp. That’s when you start to feel your eyes slowly shut. Feels nice. Thankfully, the scalp massager exists, a device that vibrates on your scalp giving your head a lovely massage. Groove is the round rejuvenating scalp massager from Vanity Planet and is highly recommended because it comes in four colors (black, purple, white, and lucite green), it vibrates, you can bring it in the shower, and it thoroughly cleans your hair and scalp, even if you have braids or extensions in your hair. 

You know your job or school gives you the biggest headache, so give your head a vacation and get a scalp massager, now

8. Plush Body Pillow

There are times where you wish you had someone to cuddle with while you watch your favorite movie and eat popcorn. Someone warm and cozy. Well, just in case you don’t find that person, the plush body pillow is there for you. It’s a plush pillow big enough for you to wrap your arms and legs around and squeeze. You can stretch yourself on the couch or bed with it while watching TV. It’s so comfortable, one cuddle will make you say “to hell with cuddling with a partner.” Replace that person with this.

9. Facial Masks

Believe it or not, stress creates wrinkles and why let that job or instructor affect that beauty of yours. After a hard day’s work, wash the stress with facial cleanser and apply a relieving facial mask to your face. Facial masks are great relaxing products and one recommended mask that is relaxing and works wonders on the face is the Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask. Although it is a bit pricey, it is great quality and has a great amount of gel to last a long time. You can go to any store to find the mask perfect for you or you can click here for the Peter Thomas Roth Gel Mask. 

10. Soft And Plush Robe

Robes are not just for when you have to grab something quickly to answer the front door. They are made to warm and comfort the body. So, why not get a robe that is meant for you. Robes are famous relaxing products, why do you think spas use them?

See Also

For a recommendation, the Teddy Bear Faux Fur Robe, it is super soft and super comfortable to wear. You can find the Teddy Bear Faux Fur Robe can be found here. However, you can find other nice robes in other department stores. 

11. Soundspa

The ocean and rain are the most soothing sounds to listen to. It’s as though your problems are being washed away with the rain or the tides are sweeping them away. The point is that they are soothing to listen to and are great when it comes to de-stressing. It’s better than hearing your boss and instructor go on and on about the assignments you need to do. Invest in a Soundspa, a device for people who look for peach and positivity. It has a few buttons for different soothing noises from the ocean to rain to white noise, a volume knob, and a timer. Its intent is to help people relax and sleep in a peaceful environment, not just for adults but for babies as well. 

You deserve peace with all of the chaos around you. You can get a Soundspa machine at Walmart, Staples, Bed Bath & Beyond or here

12. Noise Cancelling Headphones

These are one of the best relaxing products, you would not know how to keep sane. Noise-canceling headphones are the goalie on your team, blocking any noise around you. Whether you’re on a plane, studying or trying to sleep (would not recommend), noise-canceling headphones have your back. You can find these at any electronic store like Best Buy. Some well-known brands that have noise-canceling headphones are Beats by Dr. Dre, Bose, and Skullcandy (highly recommended). Save your sanity and ears and get your pair here

13. Tea

Settle down and relax with a nice hot cup of tea. Teas are known to be great relaxing products and healthy. From English to Earl Grey, one sip will soothe you. How? Tea has an amino acid called theanine that is shown to reduce stress. You can heat your water in a tea kettle, the microwave or a pot and then dip your teabag in the water, let it steep for about three minutes. Of course, you can buy tea anywhere or click here to order online and have them shipped to you. 

14. Coloring Books

Before you assume that coloring books are for kids, stop assuming that. Coloring books are great relaxing products. They are known to be very relaxing and fun. You won’t need to worry about coloring Dora or some pretty pink princess, there are adult coloring books you can find in a lot of book stores, retail stores and online. Adult coloring books are meant to relieve stress and to bring peace. Although they are fun, they are a lot more difficult because the pictures are more detailed. Sit at your table or on your bed, crank up the music and get to coloring with one of these

15. Bathtub Tray Caddy

Have you ever been so busy to where you have no time to relax? That is not a good excuse. Tep into the bathtub with your glass of wine and laptop or tablet. A bathtub tray caddy is used over the bathtub to avoid getting anything wet while working on whatever you need to work on. Plus, there are trays where you can place your favorite candle and bar of soap on and your cellphone or a snack. Don’t worry about it slipping because it won’t. The non-slip silicone grips ensure the tray stays put. So, whether you need to continue working or continue watching that show, the bathtub tray caddy is there for your entertainment and needs. Order now

It’s understandable that you have stress from work or school, but that’s no excuse for not allowing yourself to relax. And it starts at home. Share with that person who needs this the most and comment one of the best relaxing products on this list.

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