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12 Astrology Party Theme Ideas For Your Zodiac Obsessed Friend

There’s nothing better than settling in with the girls for the night to go over your boyfriend’s birth chart. But taking the party up a notch (or twenty) can be even more fun! Don’t feel stuck with a traditional zodiac party. Here are twelve unique ideas to shake things up.

Galaxy Party

Throw a party that will make you and your friends feel like you’ve stepped out of this world. This space theme isn’t only for NASA fans. You can decorate a whole wall with your birth constellation. Deck out doorways and arches with glowing lights that twinkle like stars. Put out cupcakes and treats coated in a swirly, galaxy mirror glaze. Play zodiac-themed charades where people act out three qualities of one of the star signs. Have people guess what each other’s sign is. This is perfect for beginner astrologers who don’t know much about the zodiac because they will leave the night with so much new information!

Earthy Gathering

Earth signs know all about getting in touch with nature – and if they don’t, they should. Step outside with your friends and celebrate the sunset under lush trees or in a garden! Make flower crowns out of your birth flower (don’t know what that is? Look it up – everybody has one!). Share a decadent picnic fit for a Taurus. If it’s someone’s birthday who is an earth sign, add special call-backs to their specific sign. For example, a Virgo will appreciate ethical, clean vegan or vegetarian options at their party.

Celtic Astrology

Not all zodiac parties have to be based on western astrology. The Celts were practicing astrology long before we were, and their magical, fairytale lore makes for a whimsical party. Celtic astrology uses flora and fauna to represent their zodiac, as opposed to Greek legends. So instead of an Aquarius, you might be a cat! Or a snake! How about a tree? You could be a Willow, Oak, or Holly tree. This twist can turn a game of charades on its head. Plus, think of all the cool animal masks you could make.

Compatibility Party

This is like speed dating for zodiac signs! Invite people and play matchmaker based on their signs. For a fun twist, keep every sign a secret to all partygoers except for yourself. The “couple” on a date can try to guess each other’s sign in three minutes or less. Whoever guesses the most signs correctly by the end of the night, wins!

Burn Party

What better way to celebrate your fire sign roots than to burn stuff? Here’s an idea – grab your friends, go to the beach, light a bonfire, and burn all your ex’s shit. Burn the bad grade you got from that crazy professor. Burn the jeans that you wore twelve pounds ago. Burn it all! You won’t regret it. Plus, a party on the beach is perfect for any fire sign – especially Sagittarius, who loves to get away from the same old, same old. Bring some spicy food, Fireball, and a kickass attitude.

Chinese Zodiac Party

It’s 2020 – the year of the rat! But that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your own Chinese zodiac sign, too. Throw a big, loud, colorful bash complete with fortune cookies, paper lanterns, and images of the different zodiac animals. Hide secret messages about your friend’s upcoming future in their fortune cookies. Decorate paper lanterns with a glyph of your zodiac animal. Swap gifts like a traditional Chinese New Year’s party.

Moon & Stars

The moon’s cycle predicts much of our future according to astrologers. Celebrate the lunar phases with a party to commemorate its mystical influence. Break out the tarot cards and offer your friends readings. Look at your hands and try to predict how many kids you will have one day. Book a fortune teller or psychic. Listen to Stevie Nicks. Burn incense (or something else). Explore the mysteries of the moon!

Water World

No party celebrating the zodiac’s watery charmers would be complete without H2O. Serve yummy shrimp cocktails and seafood poolside at the next water sign birthday party you host. Or you can break out the floats and hop into the lake. Play retro tunes for nostalgic Cancer. Wind down the night with a good couple of tear-jerkers in classic Pisces fashion. Or if it is a Scorpio party, maybe a few thrillers instead.

See Also

Vedic Astrology

Trade a gender reveal for a Vedic reveal! Vedic astrology, or Hindu astrology, operates a little differently than western astrology. First, they use a completely different time scale than us in order to account for the shifting of the planetary placements overtime (western astrology operates under the assumption the planets and their orbits haven’t moved). That means that while you may be a Pisces in western astrology, you could be an Aquarius in Vedic astrology. This simple change can have a surprising effect on your guests when it is revealed to them who they truly are. Have your friends try on different personalities for the night!

Stargazing Party

Is Mars entering Cancer? Is that a new moon? Both these phenomena can be witnessed firsthand and in vivid detail by you and your friends. Pack your telescope and march towards the heavens. Catch shooting stars and rare sights of the planets while cooking yummy food over a campfire and strumming tunes on an acoustic guitar. Paint rocks with glow in the dark paint and then hide them for your friends to find after sunset. Cuddle up with blankets and marshmallows. If you’re part of a club, it could be a great opportunity to go on a field trip to an observatory.

A Meeting in the Sky

Break out the fluffy decor and card games. Libra loves fancy desserts, Gemini loves a party, and Aquarius loves cerebral games to challenge the mind, so why not mix it all together? This is the kind of party to have on a rooftop under the clouds with bubbly drinks and light, airy desserts like soufflé and meringues. Play games like Lie Detector, Secret Hitler, Cards for Humanity, and other games using powers of deduction and bluffing. It’ll definitely stir up the party.

Birth Geodes

This party will dazzle your guests. Embrace your birthstone by using it as inspiration for your desserts, drinks, and handmade jewelry! Use crushed rock candy in different colors to decorate chocolate covered fruit or cupcakes. Bead delicate chains of your birth crystal to braid into your hair. Craft bracelets for each other based on their zodiac sign and matching color. Be even more daring and bedazzle hats and bags!

Hey baby, what’s your sign? How would you like to celebrate it? Share below!

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