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10 Astrology Apps For All Of Your Horoscope Needs

There’s just something pleasing about checking your horoscope. It can offer you some deeper insight into what’s going on in your life and advice on how to handle your relationships and other things in your life. 

With new technology and the abundance of apps available at your finger tips, it’s easier than ever to learn about astrology. There are a ton of different astrology apps out there to choose from, each offering different features and benefits. 

Here are ten astrology apps you can download right now to fulfill all of your horoscope needs. 

1. Co-Star

While many horoscope apps only ask for what date you were born (or, only go off your sun sign), Co-Star takes into account what time you were born and where you were born. It looks at your whole birth chart, instead of just your sun sign. 

It offers you a personalized update every day as well as a look into changes that may be happening for you down the line. There are also features that give you a chance to learn about your birth chart, so you can learn and understand astrology even more. 

In addition, there are features that allow you to connect with your friends and see how your forecasts for the future link up with each other. 

2. Sanctuary Astrology

One of the unique elements of Sanctuary Astrology is the ability to get insight from an actual astrologer in addition to your free daily horoscopes. This allows you to ask questions and get more information on certain elements of your horoscope or birth chart. 

There are also a number of other interesting features that are available on Sanctuary, including a library of educational content to help you learn more about astrology and a virtual emoji charm every day. 

3. Astro Future

Astro  Future offers daily horoscopes and love compatibility tests. Similar to apps like Co-Star, Astro Future lets you look at future transits to see how the shifting of the planets will affect you and detailed interpretations of your birth chart. 

One of the more unique features is the love compatibility feature. It allows you to see if two people are compatible with each other and whether or not they would make a complementary couple. So if you’re considering turning to the stars to help you find love, Astro Future might be the app for you.  

4. Astro Guide: Astrology by VICE

Astro Guide, an astrology app created by VICE, gives you daily, weekly, and monthly predictions based on your sun sign. It also offers self care advice weekly based on your moon sign (which can help you understand yourself more thoroughly) and daily self expression tips based on your rising sign. 

In addition, you can use this app to better understand people around you. It offers insights on people in your life based on their sun signs as well as descriptions on how different signs interact in various aspects of everyday life. 

If you’re looking to get a better understanding of yourself and the people around you, Astro Guide may be worth looking into. 

5. Saged

Saged offers a variety of resources to aid you in your self care journey. It offers astrology readings, along with tarot and oracle readings, in its healing marketplace. Some other features of the app include guided meditations, daily rituals, and daily gratitude exercises. 

Saged is a good option if you’re looking for a horoscope app that also includes other tools designed to help you improve your self care routine. 

6. The Pattern

The Pattern focuses on personality and compatibility to help you develop better connections with yourself  and other people around you. This app gives you in-depth personality analyses for yourself and also allows you to add profiles for other people in your life to help you improve your connections with them. 

You can also read about experiences from other people who are going through similar things as yourself. The Pattern offers a way for you to connect your horoscope and your birth chart to your real life experiences. 

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7. iHoroscope

iHoroscope offers daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes to help you get prepared for what the world has in store for you. There are also special features to help you understand your chart as it relates to different areas of your life, like your career, fitness, romance, and family. 

8. TimePassages

If you’re looking for a way to learn more about astrology in a setting that’s aimed at beginners, TimePassages might be a good app for you. The app comes with a detailed glossary featuring different astrology terms, making it easy to learn or look up specific definitions. 

It also features a chart of the current astrology that’s updated to the minute and professional level birth charts. 

9. The Daily Horoscope

The Daily Horoscope, which claims to be “the most popular horoscope app on many major smartphones,” is a good choice if you’re just looking for something to give you your horoscope everyday without all the extra bells and whistles. Extra features offered by other apps can be nice, but sometimes you’re just looking for your horoscope. 

The Daily Horoscope offers your daily, weekly, and monthly horoscope as well as your Chinese and Zodiac horoscopes for 2019 and 2018. It also allows you to scroll back up to a week if you miss your horoscope for a day or two. 

10. Astromatrix

Astromatrix is a good app if you’re looking for something that combines various elements of astrology as well as giving you your daily horoscope. 

One feature that seems unique to this app is the Draconic Soul Report, which uses your birth chart to find knowledge and experiences from any past lives you may have had. There are also detailed reports about your birth chart, love and romantic compatibility readings, and a retrograde calendar. In summary, it’s got just about everything you could look for in an astrology app, if you’re looking for something with a lot of bells and whistles. 

What astrology app do you swear by? Let us know in the comments!

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