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The 6 Astrological Topics I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Before

The 6 Astrological Topics I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Before

Astrological topics interesting to you? Look here for beginning tips and 6 you should know first!

Astrology is one of the many explanations for things that happen in our lives. Astrological topics can be important to spiritual development. For some, it becomes their whole life. For others, it makes something new possible that can emerge in their life. There can be good or bad to it, negative and positive. Regardless, there are many parts to it.

I have discovered some topics that I wish someone had told me about before that I want to share with you. As my cross-country coach at Illinois State University says, “Here we go!!!!!”

1. There’s more than just a “Sun” Sign.

When people say “I’m a Libra,” (AKA ME!) they actually are referring to their sun sign. And, that’s not entirely accurate. We are not just our “sun” sign. There are 12 planets in our galaxy and by the way, the sun isn’t one of those! So, we actually have twelve signs that we can keep track of, plus the sun which is a star. The “sun” sign points out where the sun was in the moment of your birth and we all generally know it. When people ask you what your sign is, you say your answer immediately. That’s the “sun” sign. And, there’s moon signs and other planet signs to consider too. These astrological topics give “signs” actual meaning, rather than just being one thing you know about astrology.


The 6 Astrological Topics I wish Someone Had Told Me About Before

2. The time you are born is an important number.

Without that, you are unable to calculate your Ascendent (your Rising Sun). Your Ascendent is what you show to the world. “The Ascendent” as an astrological topic is extremely important and here’s why. The Sun sign designates the core of you (Libra, Leo, Aries, etc), but the Ascendent (Rising Sun) generally gives you a more accurate picture of your personality and to help you fully understand yourself. By knowing your Ascendent, you could begin to know more deeply who you are. When you have the time of your birth, you will begin to see that the Sun sign that you resonate with is only part of your astrological exploration. The Ascendent, or a mixture of the Ascendent and Sun signs are the ones that combine to show you in your full personality and uniqueness.

3. Mercury in Retrograde = Wait for Any Drastic Actions

According to, Mercury represents “reason, reasonableness (common sense), that which is rational. It stands for the spoken and written word, putting in order, weighing and evaluating, the process of learning and skills.” Retrograde is when that particular planet is not moving in its orbital space as fast as it normally does. For reasons unknown, the energy has been slowed. When Mercury is in Retrograde, it means that it is best to wait to buy items or have intense conversations. It could not work correctly because Mercury governs communications. This astrological topic I wish I knew about because maybe I shouldn’t have had as many intense conversations because of Mercury in Retrograde! And, now you know!


4. The Full Moon affects us more than we realize.

The moon affects many things. One of those is the ocean and the tides. It is claimed that erratic behavior more often occurs when there is a full moon. The astrological topic of the moon is important to all human beings. Many people see directly how the moon affects our bodies. How does the this “lunar effect” truly affect us, you ask? It can regulate sleep schedules, the amount of babies born around the world as well as a woman’s menstruation cycle. Look it up.

The 6 Astrological Topics I wish Someone Had Told Me About Before

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5. The 8th house is your dark side and sometimes can reveal your “super power.”

One never knows what will come of your eighth house. It could be dark, or it could not. Will it be that your money won’t be under control? Will your relationships never come to fruition? Will you never accept figures of authority? This is relevant if you want to discover and access your greater self and utilize your challenges for good.

6. Astrology exists across cultures, beyond centuries.

There are multiple types of astrology that can be used. The importance of various astrological topics vary from country to country. We have Western Astrology that emerged from the Greeks going as far back as 2300BC, Chinese Astrology starting in 206BC, and Vedic Astrology (or Jyotisa) from the Hindi culture in India. There are others, but these are some main ones. Each interpret astronomy, forces in nature, and human motivations to provide an answer to the questions that we have. Can you believe that this has been around this long? I wish I knew that before!

The 6 Astrological Topics I wish Someone Had Told Me About Before


There are quite a few things that I didn’t know about astrological signs and topics that I wish I had discovered earlier in life. Now, when I continue to read my horoscope every day, I get to check the other zodiac signs, look for mercury in retrograde and consider another type of astrology (not just the Western one) as I make sense of my own life and the meaning I make of it.

Share in the comments what you wish you knew about astrological topics before or something you learned!
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