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10 ASMR Accounts You Should be Following On Instagram

10 ASMR Accounts You Should be Following On Instagram

ASMR accounts is a way for people to get mind stimulation through sensory responses. This is a calming and relaxing technique for some people.

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) has been trending on social media for months! ASMR is an experience that causes the body to tingle and calm down after hearing specific sounds. Sounds ranging from whispering to chewing on food. ASMR is perfect for anyone suffering with anxiety or looking to help them focus on getting work done. Listening to an ASMR video can be satisfying but funny because some people tend to use the oddest objects to make noises and visuals. Here’s a list of 10 ASMR accounts you should be following on Instagram!

1. @Asmrthechew

She is the queen of ASMR videos! She began to doing ASMR videos to help her child overcome anxiety. She’s known as the pickle lady on the internet. Majority of her videos are about eating food, she does a variety of meals from vegan ramen to frozen yogurt. My personal fave is the pickles, just hearing the crunch makes me smile.

2. @Floralfoamluver

Some ASMR pages love using Floral Foam. You can do anything with floral foam, it can be soaked in water, cut into pieces, and frozen. This page takes floral foam use in many creative ways. Most importantly, her nails always look great in every video! I personally recommend the horoscope inspired videos because she matches every zodiac color.


3. @Issafloralfoam

Floral Foam can be manipulated into many forms. It can help create a glitter bomb! Majority of floral foam uses are to please you visually! If you’re usually please visually, please follow this account and many other floral foam profiles. Depending on the video some accounts have used their cars to run over floral foam!

4. @Likesoap_z

Soap cutting is another way to keep you satisfied. There are thousands of soap cutting accounts on Instagram, majority of them are in Russia. Depending on the account, some people tend to cut the soap into small cubes. This will satisfy your sound and visual needs! Please be careful if you ever plan on creating a soap cutting ASMR accounts on Instagram, people have sliced their fingers!

5. @Pearlberryslime

Slime is most commonly used to please someones sound and visual needs. PearlBerrySlime is a page dedicated to making ASMR slime videos. They also sell slime on Etsy for those who urge to get their hands on the gooey concoction. You should be following this account if you enjoy watching items getting pulled and poked.


6. @Asmr_eats

Every foodie will enjoy this page! It combines food and chewing sounds all together. If you’re the type of person who enjoys to hear chips crunch in someone’s mouth, please FOLLOW this page! Some people may think it’s hard to get an in depth sound of chewing with certain foods, but surprisingly soft foods like cake sound very satisfying.

7. @Asmrpeach_

This page mainly focuses on incorporating sponges as an ASMR trigger. There’s various ways a sponge can be used as an ASMR trigger, it can be used visually by squeezing a soapy sponge. Someone can also scratch it to satisfy you through sound. If you enjoy seeing bubbles or just creative ways of making an ASMR video, follow this page!

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8. @Asmrsugarplum

Some ASMR accounts tend to incorporate any item that can cause an ASMR trigger. Unwrapping a chocolate bar and scratching it can make you tingle! Although I enjoyed watching this video, my inner germaphobe is twitching!

9. @Annettelabedzki

Imagine combining art and ASMR, not only are you being soothed with noise but also watching someone display their talent. Some art ASMR pages swipe brushes on a canvas to make noise or play with clay and break it into pieces.


10. @Sand.isfying

Sand ASMR accounts are great for anyone looking to soothe their anxiety with visuals. Sand is easy to maneuver in different ways, it can be cut into pieces or moved around with your hands. This will definitely give you elementary school playground memories.

Do you enjoy watching ASMR accounts? Are there any other accounts people should be following on instagram? Comment and share this article with your friends!

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