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Top 10 Artists You Have To See Live

Top 10 Artists You Have To See Live

There are a lot of artists releasing music nowadays, but only a few of them are worthy of seeing live. These artists have either been at the top for a long time or has just gotten started but show a lot of promise! Here are artists you have to see live as soon as possible!

1. Beyoncé 

She is the greatest musician of this century and continues to define music as a whole! Beyonce will always be one of those artists that you’ll have to see live to truly understand the magnitude of greatest she is! She takes singing live to a whole new level with her amazing voice and compatibility to take on notes no one else could sing! Beyonce is one of those artists that will not disappoint and will deliver everything she’s got to any performance!


2. Coldplay 

From “Yellow” to “Orphans”, Coldplay has kept their original sound and managed to still be relevant to today’s generation. For those of you who were fans from the very beginning, this band has become a part of your life and through ever release has hit every emotion you could possibly have. Not only are they amazing to listen to, but their stage presents makes going to their concerts a great pleasure to be a part of! You have to go see Coldplay to get the full experience of their music because listening to it is not the same!

3. Taylor Swift

If you are looking for an artist that will surprise you, Taylor Swift is who you are looking for. She has become one of the artists of this generation! She is a mind reader to most of her fans because she releases music which is very relevant to almost everyone who listens to her. Taylor Swift has grown with her fan base and has never been so unpredictable! She’s become one of the artists to see and will continue to surprise everyone who sees her live!


4. Diplo

He has come onto the charts with artists like the Jonas Brothers, Sia, and Jack U; who have helped Diplo become the DJ he’s become! Diplo is made it into the music scene producing until he was featured on multiple tracks. he has worked with many people throughout many genres and does it effortlessly! He’s created a great name for himself and creates great content for everyone. He is one of the best DJ’s to see live and watch him put his own mix on him songs!

5. OneRepublic

You’ll never listen to their songs the same way again after you see them live! OneRepublic has been in the music scene for a long time and has had tracks which climbed the charts every time! Their sound will never get old and will have a fan base for years to come!

Every time they are on tour it is never the same, they are reinvented the way music should be preformed and has made a name for themselves in the music business as a band who shouldn’t be messed with! They will continue to top charts and never disappoint! OneRepublic has become to band to beat besides Coldplay within the past couple years and no one sees them stopping anytime soon!


6. Lewis Capaldi

This newly found England fellow has made history during the past year or so with incredible hits like “Someone I Used To Love” and “Bruises”. Lewis Capaldi is one of those few artists who connect so well to their audience and make them a part of the show. He is one to watch out for and will become one of the great artists that took over the U.S.! Lewis Capaldi is an artist who shows true emotion when he sings and will make everyone cry their eyes out listening to this soulful performer!

7. Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish is one of those artists who reinvent genres and play off of them with such ease! She has become a sensation everywhere she goes and sounds amazing! Although she hasn’t been around for long, she has proven herself worthy and brings great songs to live with collaborations with Justin Bieber and Khalid. She has pushed herself up the charts and has become an artist to see! There is nothing she can’t do and will continue to make music everyone will love for at least the next few years! There is nothing she can’t do since she started only a few years ago with “Ocean Eyes” being one of the best we heard that year!

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8. T-Pain

Who doesn’t want to see T-Pain rip up the stage with his new and old hits? Everyone would agree that he has been killing to scene ever sense he started and truly is one of the best rappers of all time! T-Pain is legendary with his oldies that will never get too old to belt out in the car or in the club! You’ll have so much fun seeing this guy do his thing and playing his best hits for everyone in this audience. You’ll never get tired hearing the greatest voice that’s made the girls weak at the knees!


9.  Maroon 5

Since day one, Maroon 5 has come out with hit after hit after hit and still keeps everyone guessing what song will be coming next from them! They have release great stuff which fans still listen to. Adam Levine voice will never get old and will always be the reason fans will go see them live! They are the reason good music still exists and will continue to raise the bar for everyone else! You’ll want to see them live more than once after the first time!

10. Foo Fighters

This rock band had been on the scene for a long time and continues to be the band everyone loves to see live! Their voices are some of the great and will always be on a listen of great artists to see live because that is what they are! You’ll never want to go back to the newbie’s after you see the Foo Fighters dominate the stage! 


Have you seen any of these artists live? Do you wish you could see any? Tell us in the comments below!