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10 Artists To See Live If You Get The Chance

10 Artists To See Live If You Get The Chance

Going to see an artist live is an exciting experience. It is a great place to let your hair down and enjoy a great night out with friends, family or even by yourself. At each performance, you are surrounded by hundreds, thousands or millions of people. Every person loving and feeling each song the artist plays.

But, some artists will disappoint you. Some artists are guaranteed to be a letdown. They don’t live up to the hype and the expectation. It makes the night not what you paid for. That is why here are 10 artists to see live if you get the chance. These artists are guaranteed not to disappoint. Their musical ability, live vocals and charisma will make you love them way more than you already do.

1. Ed Sheeran

A guitar, loop pedal and voice. The only components of Ed Sheeran’s performance. He gets the audience singing along to each one of his songs. His added charisma chatting to the audience will make you want to go to his next show.


2. Bruno Mars

One of the best performers of this era is Bruno Mars. With smooth moves, you know you are down for a huge party going to his shows. Every one of his songs is a big hit. Dancing and singing along, what more would you want from a concert?

3. Beyoncé

Regardless of whether you are a part of the Bey hive or not, seeing Beyoncé live is a bucket list experience. A performer of legendary status and an icon of this current era. Seeing Beyoncé is an experience you will never forget.


4. Adele

Seeing Adele live will feel like you’re listening to one of her few CDs. If you prefer a high-energy performance. Adele is not for you. She gives a pitch-perfect vocal performance at every concert. She rarely tours, so it’s best to buy tickets when you can. She is one of the artists to see live on a bucket list. 


5. Sam Smith

Much like Adele, Sam Smith gives a brilliant vocal performance. One that you need to witness once in your lifetime. There is no huge performance, with dancers or flashing lights. You are a chance to leave his concert without a dry eye, through the power of his voice and music.


Live instruments and excellent harmonies – if you are a lover of both, you should be seeing HAIM live when you get the chance. Their performances are fun and exciting. Not only will you be able to see their energy and chemistry live, but you will also catch a glimpse of the sisters’ fantastic style.


7. Elton John

A legend in the world of music. Sir Elton John is a real icon. No matter what year you were born in, you are guaranteed to know some of his music. Regardless of how much of his music you know, seeing him in concert will be an experience filled with love and singalongs.

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8. John Mayer

With some many wonderful hits and being around for quite a few years, John Mayer is one of the artists to see live. Every performance will make you feel more of a fan than you were previously, thanks to his acoustics and charm.


9. Mumford and Sons

Four Englishmen that will make you love folk music more and more every time you listen to them. Seeing Mumford and Sons live will make you feel at awe of their talent. Dynamic, fast-paced and vocally perfect. You are guaranteed to leave their concert with a smile on your face.

10. Vance Joy

Leaving a Vance Joy concert will make you feel relaxed, even when at a crowded music festival. His raspy voice, strums of his ukulele and catchy songs will leave you wanting to go to his next concert. His talent is undeniable.


These are some artists to see live, no matter whether you are a fan or not. Seeing any of these artists in concert, you are guaranteed for superb vocal performances and a great time. Have you seen any of these artists? Share with us in the comments below!

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