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10 Artists To Follow On Instagram

10 Artists To Follow On Instagram

During a time of such ugliness and uncertainty, it’s crucial to find the beauty behind it all.ugh we’re stuck in the middle of a pandemic, it doesn’t mean we cannot broaden our horizons and expand our interests. Art is something that can be interpreted in many different ways by people across the globe. It can also spark joy and happiness, which is what we need right now. Below you will find some of the coolest artists on Instagram. 

CJ Hendry

After getting her credit card declined during a night out with friends, Australian artist, CJ Hendry knew she had to change something. She decided to sell all of her luxury items, quit her day job at Chanel, and become an artist full time. It looks like it paid off, all thanks to Instagram. 

She specializes in hyper-realistic drawings that are deceiving to the naked eye. They look so real that it’s hard to believe they aren’t a photocopy. When asked about her technique, she said that its a type of organized “scribble.”  Each work of art will have you mesmerized. It is incredible what a scribble can create.

Each day she becomes more and more interesting as she continues to subvert the norm in the art world. Her last exhibit took viewers through a bouncy house asylum on your way to the main event, her Rorschach drawings.  The bottom half of Mickey Mouse below is actually drawn by hand with a pencil. Do yourself a favor and follow her, we promise you won’t be disappointed. There is a reason she is at the top of our list of artists to follow. 

10 Artists To Follow On Instagram

Andy Blank

Andy Blank is all about creating unique and affordable works of art. Most of the creations he debuts are limited edition works. Follows can collect pieces and build their own personal collection in a way that wasn’t attainable just a few years ago.

Being the husband of an artist, Andy Blank, decided it was time to go off on his own. He works with many different mediums such as resin, paint, line drawings with pen, and much more. Some of his most popular works include his resin drip skate decks featured below.

He always posts videos of his process, which might be even more mesmerizing than the work itself. Don’t take our word for it, go check him out! 

10 Artists To Follow On Instagram

Callen Schaub

Callen Schaub is one of the more interesting contemporary artists on this list with the way he creates his work. What seems like a messy and chaotic process turns into something incredibly beautiful and mesmerizing.

As an abstract artist, Schaub tries to do things outside of the box. He uses paint, natural forces, and fashioned machines in inventive ways that create his thought-provoking pieces. 

You may have seen him in the news for his commissioned heart-work for Miley Cyrus. At the end of the day, all of his finished products are up to chance, and chance has never looked so good. In a world full of such uncertainty, it’s settling to see something so magnificent come from disorder.  

10 Artists To Follow On Instagram


Even if you forget every name on this list, the one you should take with you is Banksy. He is an anonymous British graffiti artist that has taken the world by storm. His work is often premiered in public places.

He focuses on making antiauthoritarian art and strives to transform the way we see art. He made headlines in the news just last year for shredding his art as soon as it was sold at auction. You can watch the video here.

Even if you don’t know about Banksy, we’re sure you’ve seen some of his work. One step at a time, Banksy expresses to the world that a piece of work doesn’t have to be hanging in a gallery to be considered art.

10 Artists To Follow On Instagram

Daniel Arsham

An American artist, Daniel Arsham is changing the way we look at stone artwork. He carves his works in a way that seems almost impossible with the medium he is using. Inspired from his house being destroyed as a young kid, Arsham likes to combine art, architecture, and performance to make jaw-dropping creations.

It is crazy to see how he can add so much softness and movement into a solid form. He strives to “make architecture do things it’s not supposed to do.”  His recent works include a partnership with Dior. You can see part of his collection below. 

Check out his Instagram, Arsham Studio 3020, where he presents his works that are unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

10 Artists To Follow On InstagramSho Shibuya

Artist Sho Shibuya gives us a different perspective on the daily news. What started as a way to pass the time during lockdown, turned into something much bigger than expected. Shibuya has coined the series “sunrises from a small window.”  

It is refreshing to see the positive side of quarantine and the beauty that can come from such a dark time in our world’s history. Most of Shibuya’s works include colors ranging from pink to yellow to orange shades, depicting the beauty of a sunrise. The painting provides a calming contrast to The New York Times headline plastered above. 

Shibuya’s work distracts from the craziness happening in our world today and pulls us into this sense of relaxation and tranquility. 

10 Artists To Follow On Instagram

See Also

Shepard Fairey

Even though you may not have heard of Shepard Fairey, you most likely have heard of “Obey”  Fairey is not only an American contemporary street artist, graphic designer, and illustrator, he is also an impressive skateboarder. What started out as an experiment in phenomenology turned into a cult-followed brand.

While attending the Rhode Island School of Design, his “Andre the Giant Has a Posse” sticker campaign threw him into the public eye for the first time. He has since continued to create thought provoked street art and thrive in the art world. To learn more about Fairey and his work, watch the documentary Obey Giant on Hulu.

10 Artists To Follow On Instagram

James Lewis

James Lewis is one of the most unique artists on this page, as he considers himself a “lettering artist.” Lewis is both skilled in letterforms and graphic design. He decided to take his passion for both and merge the two together. On his Instagram page, you can see him recreate famous logos like Oreo’s, Kellogs, Sharpie, Champion, Off-White, and more. He was even commissioned to paint a logo on a Rolls Royce, he just that good.

If you’re interested in James Lewis’s work, go to his website. He shares his creative process through workshops, public speaking, and time-lapses. There is nothing more satisfying than watching his perfect brush strokes grace across the paper.  He even creates video content for some of the biggest brands in the world. Recently, he has been turning his focus on cartoon characters. Whatever he posts on his feed, you are sure to be entertained. 

10 Artists To Follow On Instagram

Mr. Brainwash

If you’re an art enthusiast, then you know who Mr. Brainwash is. Piggybacking off of the incredible work that Bansky has created, Mr. Brainwash is taking it to a whole new level. We knew that street art could be awesome, but we didn’t know it could look that!

There is no question why Mr. Brainwash is as successful as he is, selling his work for tens of thousands of dollars. With his psychedelic colors and unique take on art, you’ll be a fan at first glance.

10 Artists To Follow On Instagram

Gray Malin

You may have seen Gray Malin’s work in the infamous coffee table book: Beaches. He is a US fine art photographer and author. He takes photographs all across the globe, specifically in remote areas such as Antarctica, Bhutan, and Namibia. 

He takes striking photographs and frames them in a way you haven’t seen before. He transforms beaches into something that looks like it jumped out of the pages of a fairytale.  He has also received recognition for his creative ski and park scenes in some of the world’s greatest locations.

10 Artists To Follow On Instagram

We know that we only mentioned a few out of the many incredible artists featuring their work on Instagram. Let us know who some of your favorite creatives are in the comments below. We would love to hear what you have to say! And remember, “to be an artist is to believe in life.” – Henry Moore. Let’s power through this world together and never stop creating. 

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