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10 Artist On Instagram You Need To Check Out

Art comes in different forms because each artist is different. We are lucky to have artists on Instagram that share their work and give us inspiration or just spark our creative minds. These 10 artists have different styles but they all share one thing: creativity.

1. @WinstonHacking

This artist creates some really cool found footage videos. Instead of cutting them in a linear way, he simply makes a collage out of them. This creates a creepy and trippy effect sometimes and you won’t be able to stop watching the video on a loop. They are one of the best artists on Instagram to follow.

2. @RubyEtc_

This is one of the artists on Instagram that will cheer up your day whether it’s bad or already good. The comics are simple and take less than a minute for you to read and will have you laughing or simply feeling a little warmer on the inside.

3. @LittleNicky_ _ _

One of the many artists on Instagram from my home town, Toronto, shares his sweet photography that’s down to earth. Not only is his photography sweet, if you check out his highlights, but you can also see some of his amazing sketches or his band The Naked Wild.

4. @KateClarkStudio

Taking creativity to the next level, Kate is one of the more curiosity sparking artists on Instagram. She combines human-like faces with bodies of animals and seeing the photos of her work just makes you want to go see these things in person. The faces just blend so well with the body that it looks like a real creature.

5. @PlasticCanon

Another one of the Toronto artists on Instagram, Vicky takes amazing photography with elements of seduction and fantasy. The costumes and settings for these photos go so well together. Definitely go check her out!

6. @LindaBlacker

Linda also focuses on fantasy photography, especially featuring some Disney photoshoots. Some of these faces you might even know. She takes photos with YouTubers such as Elle Mills and Amelia Gething. The best thing about some of her photos is she features some of her models in their true skin promoting body positivity and such a beautiful way.

7. @JonJChung

This Toronto cinematographer takes some really sweet photos that have a contrasty yet warm aesthetic. He has photographs and stills from his video work, both types looking cinematic AF.

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8. @HungryEyesStudio

This artist has such a unique style and gives me the nostalgia of drawing as a kid, except his drawings are way better. Who knew that removing pencil sketches and just using colored pencils will have such a mesmerizing effect. The colors just pop out and will just please your visual senses.

9. @NikiSugaa

Tattoos are a great type of art because it lets other people wear it around forever. Niki is one of the tattoo artists on Instagram that should definitely be checked out. Based at Toronto’s Tattoo People, Niki’s special talent is definitely using colors in the tattoo. The art is just adorable and being in pastel and neon colors, who wouldn’t want to get a tattoo from her?

10.  @JMalkova

Mixed media art is just so intriguing and the way this artist uses it will make your mind explode. He creates these weird but unusually interesting photographs out of other photographs he’s found. If you’re ready to see some weird but cool sh** then check him out!

Make sure to check out these artists on Instagram and give some support by following them. Each of these artists uses different techniques and styles so you don’t have to like all of them! Comment down below your favorite form of art.

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Dana Tsirkin

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