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10 Art Galleries In San Francisco You Need To Visit

10 Art Galleries In San Francisco You Need To Visit

San Francisco is home to many forms of entertainment, but art galleries are some of the more sophisticated forms. Here are 10 art galleries in San Francisco that I think would make great features on your Insta story, while also allowing for intellectual discussion or thought.
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One of the main things I love about San Francisco is the array of events and activities one can do in and around the city. In my search to be a trendy and cool adult, I started going to art galleries. I am a huge museum enthusiast but galleries seemed more sophisticated and are more dynamic, as opposed to museums. So here are 10 art galleries in San Francisco that I think would make great features on your Insta story, while also allowing for intellectual discussion or thought.

1. Heron Arts

7 Heron St, SF, CA, 94103

This was the first, of many, art galleries in San Francisco I visited when I moved here. Ever since then, it has been my go-to gallery. I enjoy the socially conscious artwork that is often displayed, as well as the atmosphere that exudes every time I see a new exhibition.


2. The Lab

2948 16th Street, SF, CA, 94103

The Lab’s mission is to provide artists with resources so they can create socially conscious artwork that engages the world and our perception of it. This gallery is more event-based so you will have to pay to attend but totally worth it in my opinion. There are some great art galleries in San Francisco.

3. The Midway Gallery

900 Marin St, SF, CA, 94109


The Midway Gallery is awesome because it is a space for art exhibitions, music performances, workshops, and more. Check out The Midway for other events they have going on outside of their gallery.

4. The Luggage Gallery

1007 Market St (nr 6th), SF, CA, 94103

The Luggage Gallery is part of the 509 Cultural center, which is an artist-run gallery that focuses on showcasing multi-disciplinary works by focusing on community engagement, among other things.


5. Minnesota Street Project

The Project inhabits three warehouses in Dogpatch. The galleries at 1275 Minnesota St. and 1150 25th St. are free and open to the public during regular business hours.

6. SFSU Fine Arts Gallery

1600 Holloway Avenue, SF, CA, 94132

Fine Arts Building, Room 238


Going to art galleries in San Francisco is even as easy as walking to the next building. This, of course, is a great way to connect with people on campus while also exercising your mind.

7. Guerrero Gallery

1465 Custer Ave, SF, CA, 94124

The entrance to this gallery is on the corner of Custer and Quint. Below is some of the art they currently or have previously showcased.

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8. Spoke Art

816 Sutter St, SF CA 94109

This gallery started back in 2010 and has locations in both San Francisco and New York. They showcase new contemporary artwork, such as paintings, sculptures, and llustrations.


9. Marrow Gallery

548 Irving St, SF, CA, 94102

Want to engage with like-minded individuals? Want to discuss the art being showcased with the actual artist? Then Marrow Gallery is the place for you! As for the art they feature, it is work that “offers commentary on contemporary culture and references art movements of the past.”

10. Thacher Gallery

2130 Fulton Street, SF, CA, 94117


On the campus of the University of San Francisco, you will find art that is always California based and showcases artists from the Bay. Thacher Gallery chooses artists that intersect the schools Jesuit background and social justice to create a dialogue not only based on the works aesthetic.

Well there you have it my friends; 10 art galleries in San Francisco to get lost in, to add to your social media page, and to go to when you don’t have any weekend plans. My advice to you is to enjoy yourself, exist in the moment, and most importantly, engage with the city! Hopefully, your search for yourself lets you make stops to some of these places along the way. See ya there!

What do you think of these art galleries in San Francisco? Let us know in the comments below!
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