15 Things To Do Around MSU When You’re Bored AF

Let’s face it, sometimes being a student isn’t the most exciting thing. Long breaks between classes, waiting for your friends to get out of class, or it is Saturday afternoon and you need to kill some time before the night begins. Every student gets bored AF. Here are 15 things to do around MSU for those moments!

15 things to do around MSU when you're bored AF!

1. MSU Museum

Michigan’s first Smithsonian-affiliate.


2. W. J. Beal Botanical Gardens

The oldest continuously-operated garden of its type in the U.S. with over 2,700 species organized in economic, systematic landscape and ecological groupings.

3. Abrams Planetarium

Sit back and enjoy the wonders of the universe in the sky theatre.

15 things to do around MSU when you're bored AF!


4. Beaumont Tower

This is the iconic bell tower where carillonneurs play noontime recitals and legends tell of first kisses at midnight and engagements in the shadow of the tower.

15 things to do around MSU when you're bored AF!

5. MSU Farms

Colts racing, beef calves frolicking and mooing dairy cows waiting to be milked are a few of the sights to see when visiting the farms.


6. Wharton Center for Performing Arts

Catch the latest major touring Broadway blockbusters plus a great lineup of performing arts at Wharton.

7. MSU Dairy Store

It’s always hard to choose betwen the 32 flavors of some of the freshest ice cream you’ll ever taste. Or pick up some award-winning cheese varieties. Smiles guaranteed!

8. Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum

This Zaha Hadid-designed art museum presents groundbreaking, international contemporary art across all media and is housed in a pleated stainless steel and glass multi-angled building that in itself is an architectural wonder.


15 things to do around MSU when you're bored AF!

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9. Demmer Shooting Sports Education And Training Center

This training site for Michigan State University archery, rifle and pistol club teams is open to the public and promotes the safe use of firearms and archery equipment.


10. Big Ten Sporting Events

Spartan football, basketball and hockey are among the favorite reasons for a visit to MSU. The resounding chants of Go Green! Go White! echo across campus. Make time for one last stop. Your visit won’t be complete without a photo taken in front of the bronze Spartan Statue near the stadium.

11. Go “out to eat.”

By out to eat I mean go eat at a dinning hall you don’t usually go to.

12. Wait for the red cedar to flood over like it does every year and then go skiing down in.

13. Watch the free movie every night in Wells hall.

15 things to do around MSU when you're bored AF!


14. A Wednesday night freebee, cosmic bowling.

15. Squirrel watching. Yes it’s a real club and there are a lot of people in it.

15 things to do around MSU when you're bored AF!

Do you have any other ideas for things to do around MSU when you’re bored af!? Share in the comments below!

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