What To Do Around Kent State University When You’re Broke AF

Living in the wonderful city of Kent as a college student may seem difficult. I feel the struggle, as I started my first semester here back in August. My friends and I got so bored we literally googled “things to do in Kent”.

Black Squirrel Watch!

How exciting. Well clearly we didn’t spend our days sitting in the lawn watching a bunch of squirrels running all over the place so we found some other ideas instead.

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Bowling At Eastway

It will cost you a couple bucks. However, they take Flashcash! So if your parents love you and you can convince them to put some money on your card, here is a fun way to do so!

Mariokart Tournament In The Dorms

Fun and enjoyable regardless of how old you are.

Strolling Through Downtown

When the weather is at least somewhat decent, you can visit the fashion store and check out all the cool garments (sorry, usually only cool for fashion majors). If you happen to be a fashion major, your chances of having any free time are nonexistent so my tips probably won’t be much help.

The May 4th Exhibition

An educational and fascinating way to spend your time. It is in the process of getting remodeled, but once it opens back up I highly encourage giving it a look.

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Getting A Job

If all else fails, it may be helpful! It is the only way us broke college kids can go out and do anything off campus.

Do you have any other tips about what to do around Kent State University when you’re broke AF? Comment below!
Featured image source: kent.edu
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