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Ariana Grande Is Taking Over The World And Honestly I’m Here For It

We all know Ariana Grande, and whether you like her music or not it’s pretty hard to dismiss the fact that she is everywhere right now! This has had the most critical year for her career, and we’ve all been on the sidelines watching as it happened. Whether it be her boyfriend drama, her interesting fashion choices, or a new song she released that’s a total banger, everything she does keeps us on our toes. It’s impossible to escape this pop queen, so here is more on how Ariana Grande is taking over the world.

She deals with pain like no other

It’s no secret that Ariana has had a bit of a tough time these past few years. But rather than try to run and disappear, she has used this pain as a way to become stronger. After the Manchester bombing that took place at one of her concerts back in 2017, no one would expect her to come back stronger, but she did. Not only did Ariana put on the “One Love Manchester” show which helped raise funds for those injured or affected by the bombing, but she was also completely open with her fans about the toll that the attack took on her mental health. Grande openly spoke out about the anxiety she felt through her music, for example, her song, “Breathin,” which marks her as one of the most authentic artists we’ve come across these recent years.

As if the bombing weren’t enough for Grande, a year later it was acknowledged that she and her long-term boyfriend, Mac Miller broke up, and his mental health and addiction issues took a toll on the singer’s own health. While Grande wanted to be there for Mac, she could not take on all of his issues for her own. But rather than let the break up be just another piece of the media, Ariana made sure that she and Mac kept things amicable, and was never short of admitting her love for the beloved artist. After Miller passed away in the fall of 2018, Grande shared her love for him on social media and channeled her pain regarding the traumatic event into her work, she released new hit single’s that either mention or include direct references to Mac Miller, proving that if anyone can get through pain, it’s her.

She channels her emotions into her work

As if she didn’t already have some great bops, Ariana Grande released her “Sweetener” album last year which consisted of hits including, “God Is A Woman” and “No Tears Left To Cry” which show the artist’s climb back toward the top after the rough year she had. However, after her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller was said to have passed away due to an overdose, Grande took the opportunity to create more top songs that not only have a great beat but also discuss the intimate details of her life. Singles that she released after Miller’s death include popular songs “Thank U, Next”, “Imagine”, and “7 Rings” all which include intimate details regarding Grande’s feelings toward her breakup with Pete Davidson, the passing of Miller, and her strive to love herself without being in a committed relationship.

If there’s one thing we can learn from Grande, it’s how to go through a painful experience, and come out the other side better than before.

She is literally releasing music left and right

As mentioned above, Grande was quick to release new music in the fall of 2018, even after having just released her album “Sweetener” in August. She released 3 singles, and by February of 2019 she had a whole new album out! Move over “Sweetener,” “Thank U, Next” is here and I have to play it on repeat. Not only is Grande’s new album absolutely fantastic from start to finish, but the songs are breaking records like never before! After it’s release, the album broke the record for most recent plays by a female artist on Spotify and is the 3rd most streamed album for its first week out overall. These records make “Thank U, Next” Grande’s 4th number one album, and honestly, we bet she’ll have another one out in no time.

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She’s all about self-love

If there’s anything we’ve learned after following Ariana Grande these past few months, it’s that this singer is promoting self-love more than anything. After the number of traumatic events she’s been through the past few years, Grande has come through the other side as an advocate for self-love and teaching her fans how important it is to be there for yourself, a lesson all of us need to learn. Her hit album “Thank U, Next” includes tracks that are all about appreciating the relationship that you create with yourself, because at the end of the day, you’re all you have, and she won’t let us forget it.

What do you think about Ariana Grande and her rise to fame? Let us know in the comments!

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