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Are You Better Off Staying In Education Or Finding A Job?

Are You Better Off Staying In Education Or Finding A Job?

This question comes down to two basic questions. One, do you actually enjoy being at school, and two, does your dream job require more qualifications. If the answers are yes, then you are indeed better off staying in education but we shall go into more detail below.

1. What Kind Of Brain Do You Have?

So there are two sides to your brain, and you can operate more from one side over the other. The left side handles maths and stats, its the side of the brain that is more logical and focused on education. The right side is your more creative side, where you get your inspiration and imagination. Those that operate more with the right side prefer art and english, creative subjects. Those that favour the right prefer science and maths.

Should You Stay In Education Or Find A Job

If you function with more of an academic brain that loves learning and being in school/college then stay in education. You’ll love the process of learning more. Staying in education doesn’t have to mean an awful experience that is leading to the good time where you get the better job, you can enjoy just the process of learning. 

I loved all of education, learning something new all the time, making notes. I want to go into a masters and even a PhD just because I want to and enjoy it. You have to have a passion behind studying for you to do well, you can’t just do it because you think you have to otherwise you’ll want to escape at the earliest opportunity. You need that motivation and enthusiasm.

For some people they don’t have that love for school and in that case, finding a job will always be the better option for you. You don’t need a high degree in education to get every job, be practical in your learning, learn on the job.

Should You Stay In Education Or Find A Job

Copy this link here to find out which side of your brain you favour most:

2. Goal In Life

Like I said, not every job requires a university degree so you don’t have to go if you don’t want to. It just depends on what your goals are. 

If you want to be a doctor then you are going to need to stay in education, there is no way round it. But if you want to be an architect, carpenter, plumber or electrician then you can learn on the job. Or through an apprenticeship. 

So answer that question that your parents have been asking you for so long, ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’. Once you have answer you can make a plan.

Should You Stay In Education Or Find A Job

Do you need an education or does an apprenticeship work best? Some jobs prefer experience in the job role than a high education. Of course all jobs prefer some kind of experience in the role so doing an internship while still in education gives you an extra helping hand as well as giving you experience in knowing if you actually enjoy the job. 

Make a plan and you’ll be answering the question for yourself. 

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3. Cost

The cost of staying in education is what puts many people off. Always stay in education as long as its free, you may as well get as much out of the government while you can. But the large costs of university are a bit more off putting.

Should You Stay In Education Or Find A Job

Why go into all that debt to possibly get a higher paid job at the end of it when you could go straight for a job; you save thousands of pounds on student debt and start earning a wage. 

The issue is that the wage you start off at and the type of job you will be able to get may not be the best at the beginning. Yes, you can rise through the ranks and learn on the job, getting the higher paid jobs later on in life, but the starting salary of a graduate is, on average, higher. 

4. Variety

Going straight into a job will give you experience and skills in that specific job role. But what happens if you chose to switch jobs later on? A benefit to studying further is that you learn more general skills. Colleges and universities give you life experiences and general skills that staying in one job from the beginning won’t give you. 

For example, I studied history at university and it can be applied to so many different job roles that it makes life so much easier. I could apply to work in a museum, I could be a curator, but I could also be a journalist, a teacher, a librarian, an archivist, an event planner, even a lawyer. The skills I have learnt are invaluable, so if you are unsure at the career you want to pursue whole heartedly and feel that changes will happen, a degree gives you that flexibility. 

Should You Stay In Education Or Find A Job

If you aren’t put off by the debt, then it comes down to whether your dream job requires a degree and whether you want to study a degree. So sit down and plan what you need out of life and what you want to do. Whether its an apprenticeship, internships or a degree, you’ll benefit from doing them all.

Comment below which choice you went with and how it has worked out for you. Knowing what you do now would you still go down the path you did or would you change?

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