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Are All Those Instagram Boutiques Reliable And Referrable?

Are All Those Instagram Boutiques Reliable And Referrable?

As someone who loves to shop and spends a lot of their time browsing the web on many social media platforms, we all have seen the recent update that Instagram decided to do. Many like the idea and concept and some are not for it at all. But something that we all have in common is that we have glanced at the shopping section and looked through what they have to offer but probably have never purchased anything because either has never heard of the brand or company or its just too overpriced so we’re going to get dive right in and if these Instagram Boutiques are worth shopping from or not. 

1. Very Trendy 

These Instagram boutiques have nearly everything you could think of from luxury items to things you could possibly find at the thrift store for cheap. So are these little online stores worth the money they charge? As they push for their products to be bought we have seen the ads after watching a instagram story or sometimes just pop up when scrolling through your feed but what should you do when you come across something that you might want to purchase. Instagram is one of the major social media platforms where we get insight to what the latest trends are by seeing celebrities and millions of other people posting what they are wearing and how to but some of these boutiques are filled with merchandise that is in the trend and could help you get in on it as well.


2. Who are they 

We are all familiar with big brands and who they are but to these boutiques brands is the last thing they are focusing on. Selling products to make a quick dollar is what they are all about and sometimes are not truthful about the authenticity of the item and if they do not provide facts saying it is 100% authentic then it is safe to assume that they are selling illegal replicas of any brand they are trying to copy. That might not always be the case as there are boutiques who are owned by small businesses that use the platform to try to make a living and these are the companies we should be in support of. Rather buying from large corporations taking the route and buying from small businesses is much better because you actually know where your money is going and you know you are helping the company.  We might not be aware that the company has a strong background but that is what the comment and review section is for, to help people review and let others know how they feel about the product you are considering buying. 

3. Endorsements 

It is very rare when we see an Instagram boutique or small business have an endorsement from someone with a strong voice to the public because they usually charge thousands of dollars to do so but that should not be a reason to consider not buying from a place you might like. We have all seen that just because you have money does not equal having style so you are able to ditch the whole name brand thing and whatever you like and have your outfit look better for a couple of bucks rather than breaking the bank and look tacky. Since these retailers at times are not able to pay public figures to promote the brand they turn to posting ads and having sales to try to get their name out there and hopefully create a customer base. It is up to the people to help get these small businesses at times going or else they have a high chance of sinking. 

4. Pricing 

We always take a look at the price tag but something to consider is that these companies are not like Nike or Forever 21 that produce massive amounts of merchandise to sell to the public. With instagram boutiques they are far more limited to what they carry making them a little pricier than usual but if you have the extra dollars to spend this is no big deal. Rather than contributing to  child labor factories who create clothing for many brands we wear today you could help a small business stay afloat by taking a look at what they carry and being able to stay on top of some of the hottest trends. A great thing about these companies is that you won’t feel guilty after shopping with them because you know that these boutiques are how people are trying to get by off rather than corporations who do not pay their workers a fair salary and are put through horrible working conditions at every age.


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5. Quality 

Just like everything else you buy, you want to know if it’s going to last and if the quality is any good. But sometimes it’s a hit or miss whether you buy clothing from Nordstrom or an Instagram boutique so it is very recommended to be open-minded when ordering from the Instagram retailers. A key way to get an idea if the item is worth purchasing is just by scrolling through the review section of whatever you have in your cart and see how others feel about the items you are considering purchasing. But if you are familiar with the quality from retailers such as Forever 21 and others then you know that many of these fast fashion retailers are many a one time use and you’re done. Usually when something that has an understandable price tag we are okay with making the purchase but when you go to fast fashion retailers they manage to create very little good quality clothing and sell for cheap which makes you think it is a good deal so you will spend a lot of money on clothes that probably will not survive after the first wash and dry. 


With these Instagram boutiques, it is recommended to go in with an open mind and not be a negative nancy like they say and just take a look and see if there is anything that catches your eye. Make sure to share with friends and family and comment on what you think!