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10 April Fool Jokes You’ll Want To Try This Year

10 April Fool Jokes You’ll Want To Try This Year

April Fool Jokes are what pranksters wait for all year around. There no better time to get a great laugh to of things than to do so on April Fools’ Day. The goal of April Fools’ Day is to bring lightness, humor, and silliness to what would have otherwise been just an ordinary day. The thing with April Fools’ Day is that people know the jokes are coming but that does not stop it from being an exciting day. It is why it is necessary for you to be sneaky and clever about how you want to get victim. Remember it’s all about the shock fact that makes an April Fool Joke good.

The best way to get someone on April Fools’ Day is by paying attention to the smallest detail. The real genius of April Fools’ Day is when you were able to achieve your goal ever when your victim knew something was coming.

In case you run out of ideas there are a few April Fool Jokes that are a guaranteed way of getting someone off guard.


Here are 10 April Fool Jokes that might spark your imagination:

1. A simple prank might be the most effective.

Ever tried offering someone something that really was what you should you were offering? This is a guaranteed way of catching someone off guard. A good example would be a prank in which you offered someone chocolates but they’re actually not chocolates but rather grapes cover in chocolate wrapping paper. You can also do this by filling jelly donuts with something that is not jelly. You can fill donuts with everything from mayonnaise or sriracha sauce.


2. Know of anyone who’s afraid of bugs?

A clever way to get a good scare out of someone is by knowing their deepest fear. If you know of someone who is scared of bugs then this is the perfect joke for you. Try cutting out outlines of bugs or cockroaches and placing these cut outs in random places so that it more of a surprise.

3. Sike!

The best way of getting someone when expectedly is by knowing what catches their attention. Everyone loves money and this is what makes it the perfect subject for a prank. Try out an optical illusion by hiding a piece of money in random locations and see who falls for the prank.


4. Out of the blue scary picture.

If you know your friend is a jumpy person than need to try out this prank. This is a very simple prank but it is very effective know it work out as planned. You do not have to do much simply add a scary image where a person would normally look without expecting something else.

5. Replacing toilet paper with duck tape.

A clever way of surprising someone will be by replacing toilet paper with duck tape. This way the person who’s being pranked would be expecting to see a roll of toilet paper but will actually be met with a roll of duck tape.

6. Things are not what they appear to be.

Our eyes can deceive us. Things are not always what they appear to be. Try replacing cupcake cream with something like mustard.

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7. Messing up someone’s room while they sleep.

If you have the luck of living with siblings you know how much convenient it is do April Fool Jokes. One of the easiest ways to get someone is by trashing their room while they sleep.


8. Switching the containers.

A great way of tricking someone is by changing the substances of the containers. Whether its hand soap, shampoo, hand sanitizer, or conditioner it is a guaranteed way of being subtle about your prank.

9. Toilet seat pranks, where you unexpectedly find a creepy photo staring at you.

The best pranks are done where people least expect them. Try to think of something ordinary that an unassuming person will be shocked to find. A very practical joke is when you simply tape a photo to your toilet seat cover.

10. If you have enough time in your hand, try a jello prank.

If you want to make a great joke to one of your coworkers than the jello prank is a thoughtful and clever one. This will show that you took the time to orchestrate this prank so as to shock your coworkers. Not to mention that it will be great for photos.


These jokes are a guaranteed way to get a reaction out of your friend. Remember these funny moments are meant to be light-hearted so have fun with it!

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