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Apps You Need To Up Your Instagram Game

Apps You Need To Up Your Instagram Game

Apps You Need To Up Your Instagram Game

We all know that one Instagram user who has an aesthetically pleasing feed. Each picture is beautiful and blends perfectly with the theme of the others. They really are just ruling social media. These certain users definitely inspire you to up your Instagram game.

With these apps, you can do just that. Photo editing is such an important part of creating killer content, and these applications help you achieve your desired look with ease.


VSCO is an app that offers not only countless filters but also great editing devices. My personal favorites are the options for saturation- which really emphasizes the coloring of a photo, contrast, and grain. You can also change the brightness.

Filters are categorized by the main colors they provide, from red to purple tones. You can also filter by the vibrancy, warm or cool tones, among many other options.


This is a great app to really perfect the coloring of your picture.

VSCO also gives you the option to create an account and to share your photos with friends! You can look through the profile of other users and the photos that they have posted or reposted.

Apps You Need To Up Your Instagram Game


2. Planoly

If you crave that perfect Instagram feed, then this is the perfect app for you.

This application helps you to preview your layout and plan before you upload a post. Your feed is shown, and you can drag and drop different photos to create your ideal visual setup. This will help you ensure that each picture you choose to upload helps your feed flow aesthetically, and matches perfectly!

You can also preplan captions and hashtags.

While this is a free app, there are options for upgrades available for purchase.


Apps You Need To Up Your Instagram Game

3. Afterlight 2

Afterlight 2 is similar to VSCO in that there is an abundance of options for filters and editing tools you can apply to your photo. However, Afterlight 2 does cost $2.99 to download.

Though there are filters already created, you can customize them to your liking.


You can save the filters that you create and use them at a different time, which saves a lot of time and also helps to maintain uniformity throughout your posts.

There is also an option to add text and unique frames to spice up your pictures.

4. Facetune

If you are really looking to up your Instagram game, then Facetune is a must have app. Especially if you are an avid selfie-poster!

Facetune allows you perfect every detail of your picture: from skin complexion to details. This is basically photoshop, but for your phone.

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Some of the stand out tools of this app include the ability to reshape, whitening ability to perfect your smile, and use tones to add, emphasize or change colors.

What’s great about this app is that it’s free and the interface is super simple to navigate.

While this is a primarily free app, Facetune 2 (the sister app to Facetune) does include options for upgrades that do cost money.


Apps You Need To Up Your Instagram Game

5. Snapseed

This app is completely free to use! Snapseed is praised by users for being one of the best editing apps available for use.

You can use Snapseed to drastically edit the overall structure of your photo. From straightening a horizon to using the healing tool, there are so many options that really give your photo a professional look.


There is also a wide range of filters you can choose from to really add a new vibe to your picture.

There are also filter options that you can add, such as HDR scape, lens blur, grunge, and vintage. No matter what aesthetic you are trying to reach, this will help you reach your goal.

Apps That You Need To Up Your Instagram Game

Have you used any of these apps? Let us know what you thought down below!

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