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10 Apps You Need To Download On Your Phone

Outside of the basics like Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, there are plenty of apps that everyone needs to have on their phone from games to productivity to things to pass time. Here are 10 apps that you should download onto your phone ASAP. 

Among Us

This is one of the hottest games on the app store right now. Play with your friends or in an online room floating around doing tasks, trying to figure out who among you guys is an imposter. You can have fun in the chat trying to figure out who the imposter is, and making memes and memories along the way. You can even make your character a fun color, and there are outfits and hats that you can wear to make your player even more fun!


For anyone who takes their Instagram and photo game seriously, Lightroom is the app for you. It’s commonly used by those who are big into photography, but it’s also good to use for storing photos on your phone and editing them. There are many different ways to edit your photos, and you can see the progress of them as you edit along. If you make an edit that you really like, you can save the settings as a preset, and then use it for future photos. If you are going for a certain look and aesthetic on your Instagram, this is the app for you.  


Calling all foodies. This recipe app stands out among all other cooking apps. Scroll through the day’s most popular recipes, based on what’s trending and what the season is. You can also search for recipes that use your favorite foods and flavors. You can even narrow all the recipes down by meal, cook time, number of ingredients, and allergens. Have a bunch of ingredients that you aren’t sure what to do with? You can log in the app whatever you have in your fridge and cabinet, and Tasty will tell you what you can make with them! 


I’m sure most people already have this app, so I likely don’t need to harp on it too much, but if you aren’t already on Tik Tok, you need to be. Although, if you have a lot of things to do, be careful. Once you start scrolling on Tik Tok, it can be difficult to stop. It’s just so addicting! One great video after another, and soon enough, you’ll be in the black hole of never ending fun short videos. From dances to memes to almost-but-not-quite Vine energy, Tik Tok surely delivers for all those time you need some entertainment and need to pass time. 


For all those times you’ve been out and about or with friends and you hear a song but don’t know what it’s called, you can Shazam it! Just open up the app, press the big Shazam button in the middle, and it’ll listen and tell you exactly what song is playing and who it’s by. You can also see your Shazam history, so if you forget what that song was that you Shazam’d the other day, you can go back into the app and see what exactly it was. You can also play the song straight through the app, for a little reminder of what the song was, and even get a link to the lyrics. 


For those always on the go and out and about with their friends, Venmo is a must have among apps. It allows you to pay and charge others, for times when you split bills, cover for one another, and want to show your appreciation. You connect it to your bank account, and easily send and receive money straight to and from your bank account. It’s even fun because you can send quirky messages with your money transfers. 


Anyone with an iPhone and the latest iOS 14 update knows some of the widgets and your newly designed home screen can use an update. Use Widgetsmith to upgrade the look of your favorite apps and make your home screen a lot more aesthetically pleasing. You can upgrade to a prettier calendar app, or a notes app, or even a newer weather widget. The best part of Widgetsmith is you can use it to add photos to your home screen. Instead of it being your background, it can be like a bigger app. 

See Also


For whenever you need some inspiration, from recipes to room decor to workouts to everything in between, Pinterest is the best of apps for leisurely browsing of what you can create next. I’ve got a Pinterest board for a bunch of different topics. Looking for a recipe to bring to that house party? Pinterest. Don’t know who to decorate that spare bedroom? Pinterest. Looking for a workout routine? Pinterest. It truly has it all!


For those looking to take their Instagram stories to the next level, Unfold is one of the best apps to do so. In just the basic Instagram story creator, you can only do so many things. In the Unfold app, you can make it many different layouts, text types, colors and images. You can save them, and go back to them later, or duplicate them so that you have a consistent style across all your content. Make your Instagram stories stand out among others with this unique app!


For all the times you truly have nothing else to do, the Buzzfeed app is there for all you boredom-needs. Sure, it’s got a news section, where you can read up on the day’s latest headlines. But I think the best part of the app is the endless quizzes you can take. Some are fun, some are weird, and some are quirky, and there is never a lack of entertainment from them. Like Tik Tok, Buzzfeed is a no-fail way to ensure you’ll burn some time aimlessly scrolling.

What app will you be downloading onto your phone? Will you opt for productivity? Or for fun? Let us know!

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Ashley Anglisano

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