5 Apps You Must Have This School Year To Ace Your Classes

Did you know that there are apps out there OTHER than Instagram and Snapchat? These apps will make school more fun, easier, and get you organized to earn those A’s you deserve! It’s 2019, get rid of that pile of loose paper in your backpack, and download these apps to start slaying your classes, what are you waiting for!

1. OneNote

This is one of the PRIME note-taking apps around. Make all of your notes easily accessible on all your devices and organized AF with OneNote! You can create different notebooks for different classes, and easily organize them into different sections, making all of your chapters or units for a class easy to find, and easy to add to! It also allows for pictures, videos or drawings to be seamlessly added to your notes, making for great customization with the use of screenshots, clips of texts, or personal notes you may have taken by hand. If you’re looking to stay organized, this app is the one for you!

5 Apps You Must Have This School Year To Ace Your Classes

2. Khan Academy

Who here hasn’t already dabbled in Khan Academy, this program got me through almost every course I’ve ever taken… This learning app is the godsend we all need. Ranging from a vast variety of topics like business, science, and math, this app will give you a strong conceptual understanding of anything you might be studying. The easy-to-follow videos this program keeps you engaged, motivated, and actually learning! If you haven’t already checked Khan Academy out by now, you are seriously missing out!

5 Apps You Must Have This School Year To Ace Your Classes

3. Quizlet

If you’re someone who likes to study with the use of flashcards instead of aimlessly reading your boring textbook, Quizlet is about to be your new best friend. It is extremely simple, it is quite literally online flashcards. Gearing up for that big midterm next week that you’ve been procrastinating studying for? Fire up Quizlet and test yourself on all the major points! The best part of this app is that it’s also very well known and highly used, which is handy because you can share your flashcards! So if you’re too lazy to create your own flashcards, there’s a good chance that someone else has already made one for whatever you are studying for, you just have to find it!

5 Apps You Must Have This School Year To Ace Your Classes

4. Symbolab

This one goes out to all our number crunchers out there burying their heads in complex equations! There’s plenty of apps to help solve math equations, but Symbolab is by far the easiest and most accessible with the mobile version. Simply punch in whatever problem your math professor has thrown your way, and not only will it solve it, but will give you step by step instructions on how each step is done. This app might be your new lifeline if you’re taking that calculus course you’re dreading to take.

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5 Apps You Must Have This School Year To Ace Your Classes

5. Forest

Find yourself always checking your phone and getting distracted by the era of social media we live in? Forest is an app to cut that out! The concept is simple, open the app and plant a seed. Set a timer for how long you’d like to study or work, and over time your tree will grow. There’s one catch though if you leave the app to check that Snapchat from your crush, the tree will wither. The goal of this app is to drown out the noise of your phone and stay focused on what you’re doing! It can help set better habits while studying, and you’ll feel a sense of pride after using the app for a while to see the lush greenery you’ve created while being productive!

5 Apps You Must Have This School Year To Ace Your Classes

These are our favorite apps to help you in school! Share this list with your friends to spread the learning!

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