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5 Apps To Use To Increase Your Productivity

5 Apps To Use To Increase Your Productivity

I’m sure you that most of you reading this probably have so many apps your phone right now that you REALLY DON’T NEED. You probably planned your whole day out for completing your research paper and your science project, but it just took one random click on Instagram left you as practically a zombie for the majority of the afternoon.

Don’t fret! I have a few tools that can help you! Here are 5 Apps To Use To Increase Your Productivity.

Focus To-Do

The Focus To-Do utilizes the Pomodoro Timer with a time tracker, a task organizer, and even a scheduling planner and reminder.

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo. The basis of this technique is to set a timer for 25 minutes and focus your undivided attention on an important task such as a research paper or studying for an exam, then take a 5-minute break. You then repeat this process 3 more times, after Pomodoro number 4, then take a 15 to 30-minute break.

Other cool features on this app include the ability to customize the length of your  Pomodoro’s and breaks, use the app whitelist in order to prevent yourself from using distracting apps while focusing, and even utilize your “Forest” in which the more Pomodoros and tasks you complete, the more points you build, thus feeding sunlight to your plant.

This app also allows you to sync your lists between your phone and computer.

5 Apps To Use To Increase Your Productivity

Stay Focused (For Andriod Users)

Stay focused is an app that allows you to stay focused by restricting the usage of blocked apps.

This app really helpful for me because the apps that are on my phone often cause a lot of distraction and often times I would click them without even thinking about it- almost robotically. Stay Focused forces me to stay into reality, focus on my goals, and provides the ability to be productive.

You can easily customize block times by certain days of the week, as well as certain time periods. Due to my short attention span, I personally won’t allow myself to go on certain apps until as late as 4 pm.

Additionally, I recommend using the Strict Mode tool, as this will prevent you from pausing the Stay Focused Blocker until a time of your choosing. There is even an option where you can prevent uninstallation. It is important to note that these two features are only if you decide to pay for Premium features but in my opinion, its definitely worth it!

An app blocker that IOS users can use is  Flipid, as it also allows for an aggressive approach to stay focused towards your goals.

5 Apps To Use To Increase Your Productivity


This is a productive app because not only does it force you to get up, but it forces you to get up on time to in order to complete any tasks that you need to get done before work or school.

Alarmy allows you to wake with 1 of 5 missions of your choosing, such as the regular (but loud) default alarm, taking a picture, shaking your phone, math problems, or scanning a barcode (I personally prefer this one). You also have the option to prevent uninstallation (which I recommend stubborn people like me).

Do Now (For Androids)

Do Now is an app that is quite similar to the Pomodoro Technique in the sense that it requires that you have specific time blocks where you give your undivided attention to a specific task. 

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Time Boxing is a method which requires you to schedule your daily list of tasks and put an estimated amount of time to get those tasks done, by doing this it requires in a bit of a time crunch.

I find that this app allows more productivity in my to-do lists, especially due to the added pressure to complete specific tasks.

For IOS Users apps like 30/30, Hours Time Tracking, and even Google Calendar may be helpful time blocking tools.


I’m sure many of you have heard of Indeed by now, but let me briefly explain. 

Indeed is a worldwide employment-related search engine for job listings. You can easily go online with virtually any device and go through thousands of listings of jobs in your living area, and also customize your searchings via salary, job type, and experience level. This tool would be very useful for college grads as well as high school.

I think that this tool is just as useful as an app because you can easily look for jobs that say “Easily Apply” and use your imported resume to apply for thousands of jobs with just a click of a button in literally seconds!

5 Apps To Use To Increase Your Productivity

Have you ever tried any of these apps? If so, how did they work for you? Comment below and share!

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