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10 Apps To See Your Horoscope Daily

10 Apps To See Your Horoscope Daily

Are you interested in astrology but you don’t know how to have it in your daily life?  Getting an in-person reading or using professional astrologers can get pretty pricey! Check your horoscope daily to predict your week ahead on one of these apps. As my astrophysicist friend said, “If I’m going to pay $40 for a simple reading, the constellation Leo himself had better come down and fix my life for me”. So to avoid the dreaded expense of professional interpretations, here are 10 Apps To Check Your Horoscope Daily.

1. Co-Star

Co-Star uses data from NASA to produce an exact replica of the sky when and where you were born. This personalizes your chart to show your horoscope according to the precise minute of your birth, which makes it a more accurate description as a whole. This app lets you add friends so you can compare your readings and you can opt-in to receive notifications for a “daily digest” to check your horoscope every day!

2. Oscar & Jonathan Cainer Horosopes

This app hosts daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes and it stores your horoscope from the previous day, so if you miss one you can always check back for it. You can also get a reading based on friends’ astrological information. You can get a more in-depth reading on their website, Although the app is free, their online services are not.

10 Apps To Check Your Horoscope Daily

3. TimePassages

TimePassages provides an in-depth, accurate horoscope using your birth date, time, and place. It also allows you to choose your House Calculation, helping you to interpret your birth chart beyond the traditional zodiac signs. TimePassages has a number of different chart types to check out, including natal, transits, progressions, and allows you to compare charts with friends too!

4. Time Nomad

Time Nomad allows you to check your horoscope, your friends, and even company horoscopes in real time, giving you accurate maps of planetary movements. It differs from most horoscope apps in that it shows you a celestial map to better understand exactly where your stars are aligning at the moment.

5. Moonreader

An app for tracking the moon and receiving alerts for when Mercury is in retrograde? Everything you need for a predictable week! This app gives you a horoscope, tells you what moon phase the planet is in, and when your stars are moving, so you know when to prepare for a rough week (or a great one!).

6. Astrolis

Astrolis allows you to view all kinds of astrological predictions, including love and romance, career horoscopes, and style advice based on your zodiac. In addition to daily, weekly, monthly, and even an annual horoscope offering, you can also have a daily tarot card reading on this app. This app also has a compatibility feature, which allows you to input information to see which sign is best suited for your own love match.

7.  Horoscope 2019 by Yodha

Yodha Daily Horoscope gives a day to day insight from authentic Vedic astrologers from Nepal. Every morning, the team produces a new and completely free horoscope for each sign. You can input your birth details for a more accurate reading and they even provide a color of the day and a number of the day for your sign!

8. AstroSage Kundli

AstroSage Kundli is another Vedic astrology app that gives personalized daily, monthly, and annual life predictions based in Indian, Hindu, and Jyotish traditions. If you want to get into a new kind of astrology, or you’re just tired of checking the same old zodiac’s daily predictions, this app is for you.

9. Astromatrix

Astromatrix provides daily star and moon horoscopes, as well as birth chart and tarot readings. You can also check celebrity horoscopes based on their sun sign! But Astromatrix wants users to understand astrology at a deeper level than their simple zodiac.

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10 Apps To Check Your Horoscope Daily

10. DailyHoroscope

DailyHoroscope gives yearly, monthly, and daily readings according to your sun sign, and allows you to check you and your partner’s sign compatibility. This app also lists the characteristics of each sign, if you want to learn a little more about the basics of astrology. But the coolest feature of DailyHoroscope is the annual Chinese and Druid readings! Don’t know your Chinese or Druid zodiac signs? DailyHoroscope allows you to input your birthday and find out where your chart lies!

10 Apps To Check Your Horoscope Daily

Do you have a favorite app for daily horoscopes? If you already have one we didn’t mention, let us know in the comments!

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