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10 Apps That Will Help You Save Money On Your Next Shopping Trip

10 Apps That Will Help You Save Money On Your Next Shopping Trip

 We all know the feeling of opening our bank statement to only see 10 dollars left, and you find yourself wondering where you spent it and what you spent it on. Shopping is inevitable, however, most would agree that they would like to save more and spend less. This list of 10 apps will help you save money on your next shopping trip.

1. Honey

Honey is a browser plugin for your computer. Instead of forcing you to go through websites and a scavenger hunt for coupons, Honey automatically runs through all available discounts for your items at checkout and applies the best ones for you.

Even better Honey is completely free to use and you earn Honey points with every use which can be redeemed for items such as retail gift cards.


10 Apps That Will Help You Save Money On Your Next Shopping Trip

2. Ibotta

Ibotta is a cashback app that when you sign up, gives you tasks and offers for you to use. When going shopping you can look up offers and add them to your list in order to earn points, which are gained by taking a picture and uploading your receipt to your Ibotta account.

Once you gain a minimum of $20 dollars in Ibotta credit, you can choose to either have the money sent to you or redeem it for gift cards.


10 Apps That Will Help You Save Money On Your Next Shopping Trip

3. SnipSnap

SnipSnap is essentially a virtual coupon binder. You can use it to search for and download coupons directly for storage so that you don’t have to bring the physical ones with you when you want to save money. Even better, SnipSnap automatically sorts the coupons by expiration date, so you don’t have to worry about trying to get a discount with a coupon that expired three years ago.

4. Whole Foods and Amazon Prime

For those of you who have an Amazon Prime account, you can download the app and use it at any partner Whole Foods location. Members not only get special offers, but discounts every week on select popular products, which goes a long way to save money.


5. Shopkick

If you want to earn points without even buying any items, then Shopkick is a great app for you. Using location technology, Shopkick records when you enter a retail store and automatically gives you points. If you feel like gaining even more, you fan locate specified items in the app and scan them like a scavenger hunt.

Once you have enough points racked up, which can happen very quickly, you can exchange them for retail gift cards, and you didn’t even have to spend a thing!

10 Apps That Will Help You Save Money On Your Next Shopping Trip


6. Checkout 51

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of looking for and downloading coupons but still want the savings, Checkout51’s more unique approach may be just right for you. Instead of applying discounts at checkout, after shopping you take a picture of your receipt and the app automatically scans for applicable coupons, depositing the cashback straight into your Checkout51 account.

Once your balance hits $20, you have the option of either having a check sent to you or continuing to save.

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7. is the perfect app for both old school coupon lovers and people who proper to store their savings on their phone. With the option to print or digitally save your coupons, you can also link your local grocery store’s loyalty card to the app and save your coupons from there.

If you choose not to link any loyalty card, then simply take a picture to verify your purchase and allow the savings to roll in from the hundreds of different retailers they have to offer.

8. SavingStar

A similar app to Ibotta, using your loyalty card in stores will automatically apply the rebate amount to the app and allow it to build. At $20 you can have the amount deposited into your PayPal account.


9. Dosh

Dosh is a direct cashback app that works by linking your credit card. Once you enter your information it will automatically apply discounts and build up the amount from a wide variety of stores that you go to for everyday shopping. You don’t have to look for any specific items and simply let the balance build.

As with several other apps, once your balance hits a certain amount you have the option of having it deposited by PayPal, or for Dosh direct deposit as well.

10. Grocery IQ

Grocery IQ is a great way to keep track of your shopping list and the different deals you can find. By creating a custom shopping list on the app, you can not only sync and share it with your partner, but the app finds coupons based on the items you’ve compiled so that you can stick to your list without any worries of impulse buys.


Some coupons may require you to print them out the old-fashioned way, but what is a bit of printing compared to some major savings?

Which app do you like best? Leave us a comment below!

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