Apps That All College Students Must Have

Apps That All College Students Must Have

College students know how hectic and stressful things can get. From managing your time, money, and social life, it can be tricky to juggle everything at once. Fortunately, we live in an era with the most advanced technology. This includes apps that we can download right on our phones that can help us stay on top of our busy lives! Want to know how to get through college like a boss? Download these apps on your phone right now!

1. Venmo

Who carries around cash these days? College students certainly don’t. It’s so easy for us to use our credit and debit cards that carrying around cash is just a waste of space. However, you may be put into a situation where you need to pay a friend back for a coffee, or even a meal. This is where Venmo comes in handy! You can pay your friend directly from your credit/debit card or bank account through Venmo while you’re still with them, without going through the hassle of having to remind yourself constantly throughout the week that you have someone to pay back. Save yourself from having to go to the bank to withdraw cash, and download Venmo! If your friends also have Venmo, they can pay you back as well! Who doesn’t love receiving money? I know I do!

Apps That All College Students Must Have

2. MyFitnessPal

Worried about that Freshman 15 you gained during your first year of college? Worry no longer! There’s an app that can help you lose that weight, track your nutrients, and get you to your goal body in no time. MyFitnessPal allows you to input your daily meals, track the calories you’re taking in, and break down the nutrition facts in your food. It’s time to ditch the dining hall, and start using MyFitnessPal!

Apps That All College Students Must Have

3. Chegg

Tuition is already expensive enough. Having to pay hundreds of dollars on top of that for textbooks is a real challenge! With Chegg, you can buy or rent your textbooks for much cheaper! Seriously, skip your school’s bookstore. Waiting in long lines at the bookstore is a rookie mistake, and the textbooks there are way too overpriced anyways. Lucky for you, Chegg also has an amazing community of online tutors to help you with your homework! What more could you want? Chegg is a lifesaver for college students.

Apps That All College Students Must Have


College life makes it hard to make time for shopping and taking trips to the mall. You’re saving all of your favorite Pinterest outfits, yet you can’t find them anywhere, nor do you have the time to go looking for them. Well, allows you to shop online AND shop the clothes worn by your favorite influencers. Just screenshot an outfit, and this app will show you where to get specific pieces. Would you LIKE to KNOW it? Download this app right now! You’re probably already on your phone anyways, right?

Apps That All College Students Must Have

5. Headspace

It isn’t a surprise that college is a lot to handle. There are papers that need to be done, internships to apply for, exams to study for, and social lives to maintain. Sometimes, we just need to take a break from all of the chaos and breathe. This is where Headspace comes into play to help you relax and meditate on your own time. If you’re going through a bad breakup, cramming for an exam, or about to have a breakdown, all college students should use Headspace to calm your body and mind.

Apps That All College Students Must Have

6. LinkedIn

When looking for jobs and internships, connections are key. By putting your information and resume out into the public, it can be easier for employers to find and hire you. It’s time for you to start networking while you’re in college, and build an online portfolio for yourself! It is finally time to make all of the effort you put into studying, worth the hard work. LinkedIn is the perfect app for you to look for jobs, stay up to date with the latest news, and help people look for you as well!

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Apps That All College Students Must Have

7. Houseparty

No, group projects are not just a high school thing. They very much exist in college! There is now an easier way to meet up with your classroom peers without leaving the comfort of your room. Have you ever felt unsafe leaving your dorm room or house at night to meet up with your group in the library? Houseparty can resolve this problem easily! This app allows you to video chat others who also have the app, and it also alerts them when you’re online! Think of this app as a more advanced and convenient Skype. Now you can finish your project and communicate with your peers without wasting time and energy on transportation.

8. Easybib

Writing a works-cited page for your papers is so incredibly important in college! Our all-time favorite bibliography website now has its own app! If you’ve never seen or used Easybib before, prepare to be blown away. Fill out the information that it asks you for such as the title of the article you are using, and the author of the article, and watch the magic happen! Easybib will effortlessly provide you with a perfectly formatted MLA or APA citation.


Yeah, you go to college to study and prepare for your future career. But it’s not always about sticking your face in textbooks and studying your butt off 24/7. College is the time that you make some of the best memories with the people you meet and grow to love. What better way to preserve those precious memories than with pictures? VSCO has many features that you can use to edit photos to capture your most picture perfect moments and take your photography to the next level. You can also post your photos on the app, and create your own photo diary! When cherishing memories, do it the right way by using VSCO to make them as beautiful as they were in the moment.

Apps That All College Students Must Have

10. Google Office Apps

Whether you need to save your papers, create your slideshow, or keep track of numbers and charts, it is extremely convenient to have an online safe keeper. Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Drive, and Google Slides can make that dream a reality! Never lose any important papers again, and always have your saved work with you! Losing your hard work is a living nightmare so these Google Office apps can ensure that you never have to redo any of your work again!

Have you already tried these apps? Would you recommend these to your friends? What other apps should college students download? Let us know in the comments down below!

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