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Apps For Andriod Users Who Are Just Staring To Workout At Home

Apps For Andriod Users Who Are Just Staring To Workout At Home

Apps For Andriod Users Who Are Just Staring To Workout At Home

In today’s world, it’s hard to find time to go to the gym. Much less trying to figure out your limits when you are new to exercise and what machines do what in your body. These apps for android phones will help you get in that exercise at home in a short amount of time (under 30 minutes a day!). 

Lose Belly Fat-Flat Stomach

This workout app ranges from beginner to expert and is focused on helping you get rid of that belly fat. The wonderful thing about working out, though, is that it doesn’t eliminate fat from just one area even though you only workout in that area. 

Fat will come off of everywhere: your butt, your arms, your thighs, and your stomach. So if you do use this app, remember that you’re getting rid of fat in more than just your stomach area. 

Most of the workout sessions on this app focus on the stomach area, but that just means that while you are trying to get rid of the fat, you are also gaining muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat so if you are watching the scare closely and notice that you are gaining weight but losing inches around your waist, just remember that you are getting more muscle in your abs area.

Each workout session in the beginner section ends with stretching to the left, then right, then cobra stretch and finally child’s pose. If you don’t know what any of those are now, you will by the end of your first session on this app. They are very easy exercises to do and let your body cool down and stretch from the other exercises in that set. 

The great part about this workout app is that it has rest days built-in. So every four or five days you will have a day where you will not have a workout.

During the exercises, there are verbal tips on how to improve your form and what the exercise does for your body as a whole. They help a lot when you feel like you are doing something wrong. There is also a “ding” at the end of the time so you don’t have to worry about constantly looking at your phone to see how much longer you have to do something. 

As for the parts that require reps: those are not timed. You can go as fast or as slow as you can handle. Although the verbal suggestions say that you should go slower to feel the burn more. 

Apps For Andriod Users Who Are Just Staring To Workout At Home

Yoga for weight loss

Yoga is one of those workout ideas that you never consider to be a workout until you actually do it. This app helps you get into yoga, as a beginner, in an easy way. It starts you off with a certain amount of weeks based on your goals and how much time per week you can afford to spend on doing these sessions and your experience level with yoga. 

For the minimal, they have it 3 times a week and you can choose what days week by week you want to do them. But you don’t have to manually put in a reminder, you can just open the app and get started. 

The great part about this: each session is only eight to ten minutes long depending on how long you want your times to be. Before starting the session, a window pops up showing you the poses you will be doing and the intensity of them. Below the poses are settings that you can adjust, which will adjust your time overall. The settings are rest, prepare, and work. 

Rest is for just after the pose where you can spend a few seconds relaxing your body. In this time you can choose to stand up or sit down according to what the next pose is, or you can just relax in your current position before the next preparation starts. 

Prepare is getting your body into position before fully completing the pose. And work is the pose itself. On the left of the time for each slot is a minus sign and on the left is a plus sign. Each will add or subtract 5 seconds from your total time in that slot. 

The best part about this app is the milestones part. When you first open the app, it will ask you your weight like any other workout app. Then it asks your goal weight. Once you do this, it will take you to the main screen where it will first tell you 0/10 milestones completed. Every time you lose another pound put it into the system and it will document your progress while telling you how much more you have to go. 

Apps For Andriod Users Who Are Just Staring To Workout At Home

Female Fitness-Women Workout

As you open this workout app, it first asks you what you want to use the app for. You can choose one of three options: lose weight, get stronger, or keep fit. Under each option has its own short description of what it will focus on. 

If you choose to lose weight, it will ask you which areas you want to focus on. You can choose: arm, belly, butt, or thigh. The best part of this section is that you want to focus on more than one area, you can click on more than one. 

Then it asks you what your weekly goal will be and what day you want to have as the first day of your week. Next comes the details which include your height, weight, and year of birth. These are important in determining how much you are burning per session and what your BMI (body mass index) is. 

The other two sections have the same setup, only their workout sessions will differ based on what you want to focus on. 

Apps For Andriod Users Who Are Just Staring To Workout At Home

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FitOn – Free Fitness Workouts & Personalized Plans

When you first sign up it asks you the typical questions: height, weight, birthdate, etc. Then it asks you what your goal is in using the app. They can be to be more active, to lose weight, to stay toned, build muscle, reduce stress, prenatal or postnatal fit. The next step in the sign up is asking you how many workouts you want a week. If you are a beginner, then you will want to choose the 2-3 option to slowly get yourself into a routine of working out. 

The next question then asks how much time do you have to work out. You can choose as little as 5-10 minutes or go up to and beyond 30 minutes a session. Since the app is all about plans, you have to decide how long you want to start the plan off with. The minimum is 4 weeks, but you can also choose “ongoing” to make it longer than their longest option

This app varies from the others in terms of what it offers next. You can choose your favorite types of classes, and FitOn will design your personal workout plan from there. If you signed up late at night and don’t want to start right away, worry not. You can set a reminder for when you think you will want to start the new plan. 

Apps For Andriod Users Who Are Just Staring To Workout At Home

Lose Weight App for Men – Weight loss in 30 days

When you first open this workout app, it asks you to choose a plan for your workout: beginner (5-10 minutes a day), intermediate (10-20), or advanced (15-30). Let’s say for now you are a beginner. It then asks how many pushups you can do at a time. This helps personalize your plan. 

The next question the app asks is how long you can hold a plank. The options being 0-30 seconds, 30-60, 60-120, or over 120. If you are not familiar with what a plank is, look at the picture above for an example.

The app will next ask you if you have knee issues. This is very important in the making of your personalized plan since it won’t give you a workout plan that will involve heavy knee rotations. The final question is just to ask you to set a reminder for yourself every day.

When you are ready, click the day 1 tab and it will take you to a new page where there will be instructions about the plan you chose as well as a list of all the exercises you will be doing in that session with visual representations and times. 

Make sure you have plenty of water with you while you are working out. Beginners tend to get headaches while they work as their body is getting used to the new movements and pressures on different parts of the body. Water will help with those headaches as it moves the blood through your body easier. 

The most important part though is to not overwork your body. Listen to it if it is telling you that you are putting too much pressure on it. 

Apps For Andriod Users Who Are Just Staring To Workout At Home

Have you tried any of these apps? Did they work? Let us know in the comments section below!

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