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7 Apps Every Girlboss Has On Their Phone

7 Apps Every Girlboss Has On Their Phone

There are some things that should come naturally to every girlboss but there are also some insider secrets, sometimes even the best, most organised of us need a little help now and then and with these 7 apps you should have on your phone, you’ll be a girlboss in no time.

1. A Period Tracker

One of the smartest things you can do is to download a period tracking app AND actually use it! Most of them are free, are fairly accurate if you keep a good record of your period and will even let you track your sexual activity so that you can pin point any issues you may have. This app has saved me and put my mind to ease many times and is probably one of the things you should be tracking. Personally, I like My Calander and P Tracker as they send you notifications 2 days before your period is due.


2. Good On You

Good On You is a environmentally friendly all in one app that can let you buy clothes from eco-conscious stores. Good On You has several different ratings on how environmentally friendly stores are, what their working conditions are like, how they treat animals i.e animal testing and use of leather, and price. Even if you’re unsure of where to buy from, when you search for a brand you already know and like, Good On You will suggest other brands that are similar and more ethically friendly. With Emma Watson as the face of the company, you know it has to be good.


3. G-Pay

Never have the fear of leaving your purse at home or loosing your band card again with the G-Pay app. This is a virtual version of your bank card stored onto your phone and will be accepted by all card machines that would accept contactless payments, which nowadays is pretty much all of them, even connect loyalty cards for your favourite stores to the app to gain points when you pay. It only takes a minute to put your information into the app and is very safe as it is connected to your Google email account. Even if someone does manage to take your phone and get on to the app, you can pin protect or add your fingerprint to the app for extra security.

4. Coffee Shop App

Ditch the old plastic loyalty cards, step into the twenty first century and download the app version of your favourite coffee shop loyalty card. Most chain coffee shops such as Costa allow this and will even get you better deals by signing up to the app loyalty card. These can even be connected to your G-Pay app to gain instant points as you pay.


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5. Snapfish

Just the app verison of the Snapfish website, cut the middle man of having to upload your pictures from your phone to your computer and then on to the website and instead upload them straight from your phone to the app to get them printed and sent straight to your house. The app will occasionally give you better deals than you would get online and if you sign up to make an account you will get 50 free prints a month, meaning you only have to pay a small delivery fee. Keep your photos forever and not just until the next phone upgrade and get them printed, plus Snapfish also offer 5p or even 1p prints from time to time.


6. Songtrack

Songtrack is a fantastic app that keeps track of any concerts coming up in the future near you that you might fancy going to and sends you a notification a few days before tickets become available. The app tracks artists you like through any music apps you have on your phone such as Spotify or Apple Music. Songtrack is pretty accurate but if you find that you aren’t following an artist that you would like to see then you can simply just search them on the app and click the follow button but remember to refresh your music every now and then on the app so that it can stay up to date on your current favourite bands.

7. Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go is an app that allows you to eat like a king on a paupers budget although this might only work for you if you live in a city. Restaurants that have signed up to the app can post when they have any leftovers available and by using the app, people can pre pay for a “magic box”. This can include anything that is leftover from the restaurant but is usually worth at least £5 more than it sells for normally. The best time to use this is late at night when restaurants are shutting or mid morning when breakfast service is coming to an end.


Will you be downloading any of these apps? Or do you know any other great apps that every girlboss should have on their phone? Share them in the comments!

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