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Apps Every Girl Must Have On Her Phone

Are apps taking up all the space on your phone? Well, time to do clear out your iPhone because I’ve got the must-have apps for every girl’s cell. These are extremely useful and you’ll be left wondering what you ever did without them. So ladies, delete those photos of your ex or the 200 Hannah Montana songs you haven’t listened to since 2009 because you’re going to want that storage back. And don’t worry, these apps are all free.


This app is perfect for the girl who’s so busy that she’s always forgetting something. That homework assignment, to switch the laundry, or take her birth control pill. That’s where Todoist comes in and saves your life. You start on the app by picking a theme, I use the dark theme because it matches the rest of my display. Make sure you allow the app to send you notifications. You’re going to want these reminders to pop up on your home screen because well, how else would you remember them? This app is so helpful as it lets you chose a date and time to remind you as well as how urgent the reminder is. 


Sleep is great for those who have trouble falling asleep at night, or even just relaxing. Say goodbye to counting sheep and turn to the gentle sounds of Sleep. There are so many different options within the app to ensure you get the best night’s sleep possible. Listen to bedtime stories where a soothing voice and read you stories to help you drift off, or listen to sleep sounds such as a fireplace, thunder, an airplane or chose from any of the 80 other options. There’s also a bedtime reminder to persuade you to get to sleep around the same time each night for a more refreshing morning. 

Workout for Women

Ever go to the gym and just have no idea what you’re doing? I feel that because I was in that exact place before downloading Workout for Women. This app is extremely helpful when trying to achieve your fitness goals. Pick out your workout based on what you want to work on. Some great workouts I’ve had through the app are the “7M ABS,” “BIKINI BODY,” or the “BOOTY SHAPER.” A virtual woman walks you through each workout, showing you how to perform each move as well as scheduling times for breaks. On the in-app calendar, you can keep track of all of your workouts, as well as seeing how many calories you’re burning with each workout.


If you’re a traveling college student or just left to take weekend trips, this app should be on the first page for you. Waze is the best GPS navigation app in the entire app store. With the help of Waze, you get exact arrival times, as well as alerts of traffic delays or options for faster routes. While driving, the app will warn you of nearby potholes, roadkill or any other danger you need to look out for. Driving over the speed limit? Get updates and locations of any nearby police on your route. I wouldn’t dare try driving up to school with any other app. Waze also provides nearby food, gas stations and how far off the route they are. This app is every traveler’s BFF.


How do those girls on Instagram always look so perfect? In most cases, it’s due to great photoshopping skills. With Airbrush, getting a flawless photo is way too easy. Blur out blemishes and wrinkles in a second with this editing app. There are a variety of features for you to use, such as changing skin tones, sculpting faces, whitening teeth, brightening eyes, and even adding on makeup. With Airbrush now all your pictures can have flawless finishes. 


If you don’t have Venmo by now, how are you surviving? Let’s be honest, nobody carries cash around anymore, so what happens if you forget your card at home? Venmo is hugely popular nowadays, especially with college students. Did your friend spot your coffee? Send her three dollars through Venmo. All you have to do is link up your card, and don’t worry it’s completely safe. Time to pay your roommate your share of the utility bill? Send her a Venmo! Life is made so much easier thanks to this easy-to-use app!

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Oh, honey how have we shopped without you? Honey is an app that saves you money on over 400 of your favorite stores such as Forever 21, Gap, The North Face, Ulta, H&M and so many more. When checking out, Honey automatically adds on coupon and promo codes that work with your order to save you money in your wallet! The more you shop with Honey, you can earn Honey Gold which can be redeemed for gift cards to your favorite stores. It’s a win-win and will make you feel less guilty about all the clothes you’re getting. So seriously, why do you not have this app already? 


Lightroom should be your go-to app for bright filters and edits for your Instagram posts. That new trend where everyone’s posts seem to be in a bright much-whiter-than-normal filter? That’s thanks to Lightroom. Edit your photos to look as if a professional came in and worked on your pics! Though many preset packs need to be bought, there are still a ton of free options on the app. Many of these fun filters can be bought right on Pinterest for a great price!


We can’t make it through our long, busy days without our venti iced coffees. We also can’t stand to wait on the mile-long coffee lines full of cranky under-caffeinated customers. Thank God for Starbucks mobile app. Add your debit/credit card, or Starbucks gift card, information into the app so you can order your favorite drinks right on the app and pick them up in your local store. Ignore the lines and even customize your favorite drinks with the Starbucks app. 

What are you waiting for? Pull up the App Store and deck out your iPhone with these amazing apps! Let us know your favorite in the comments.

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