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5 2000’s Approved Halloween Costumes

It is 2020 and some of the trends and pop culture references of the 2000s have come back into the fold. These colorful, creative, and nostalgic pieces can make great Halloween costumes!

1. Zenon Girl of the 21st Century

We are going back to the good ole Dinsey Channel days with this costume idea! The Zenon movie franchise on Disney Channel was something that my older sister and I were absolutely obsessed with, from the iconic galactic outfits to the music from Protozoa, we loved it all. Like many others in our generation, we were completely in love with the outfits that Zenon and her best friend Nebula, played by the brilliantly talented Raven Simone, put together. The bright color combinations, fitted and layered silouttes, shiny accessories, hair scrunchies and clips, as well as a chunky platform sneaker make this look oh so 2000s with a futuristic twist. This costume would be so fun to try with your best friend and will make your heart boom boom if you are as obsessed with 2000s fashion as I am!

2. Spice Girls

Now the Spice Girls were a pop vocal group that technically formed in 1994 and broke up in 2000, however, their fame and influence were still high in the 2000s, especially when it came to their fashion sense. These five women each had a very specific individual style within the group, which gives you a lot of options if you want to dress up as a Spice Girl! From Baby Spice who had a very sweet and girly style to Scary Spice who loved to experiment with animal print and leather, there is bound to be something that you would have fun playing with. This group is truly iconic and their style is still talked about today, especially with trends from the late 1990s and early 2000s coming back into the limelight. So go ahead, spice up your Halloween by creating your own girl group, and rocking a super unique outfit inspired by one of these trendy and talented women!

3. The Cheetah Girls

Another truly classic Disney Channel original movie is The Cheetah Girls. This film franchise hit such a sweet spot growing up. I loved seeing the diversity of characters and their cultural backgrounds as well as the killer style and of course, the super catchy music that was incorporated into these films. Much like the Spice Girls, each Cheetah Girl had their own unique style and attitude, but their looks often featured a hint of cheetah print that tied them all together. There are so many outfits to get inspiration from for your Halloween costumes, such as the valor jumpsuits with cheetah print tops and chunky sneakers from the first film that still serve looks to this day! Another one of my favorites is the all-white outfits with lots of cheetah print from the audition scene, also from the first film, it is just so nostalgic and looks incredible under bright lights, or just a camera flash. Whatever you choose, you are sure to capture the attention of anyone you come across in this cheetahlicious costume!


The Bratz dolls were such a hit when they hit the market. Unlike Barbie dolls at the time, Bratz dolls weren’t perfect from head to toe, they had rather large heads and snap-on shoes, but they were much more diverse, and dare I say had cooler accessories than Barbie. I loved playing with these dolls as a kid and switching up their outfits, as they had a real passion for fashion! Like The Cheetah Girls and Spice Girls, there are several girls to choose from when it comes to outfit inspiration for a Halloween costume. If you are looking for a sporty-chic look, then Cloe is the girl for you; if you are into the cool girl sort of edgy style, then Jade is perfect; Sasha is a good choice for all of the denim lovers out there, and Yazmin is the more funky, colorful fashion choice! There are also several other Bratz dolls introduced after the release of films and animated tv series, such as Dana, who is known for her fur accessories, awesome manicure skills, and amazing shoes. There are so many options when it comes to dressing up as a Bratz doll, and this costume is sure to stand out!

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5. The Scooby-Doo Gang

Seeing as there is a new Scooby-Doo film coming out soon, called SCOOB, this year is a wonderful time to dress up as a member of the famous sleuthing group. Five seems to be the magic number, as this group of friends also has five members, like the Spice Girls and Cheetah Girls. These Halloween costumes involve a lot of color blocking and cute accessories, that are not always practical like Daphne’s gogo boots, but they sure do make a statement! I would probably go about choosing someone from this group based on my favorite color combinations, as that is what really sets these characters apart, besides their personalities of course. My personal favorite fashion-wise is Daphne with her purple and green outfits with white and silver accents and accessories. She has such a cool 1960s vibe with her outfits and hairstyle, which is so fun to recreate! Another of my favorites for this costume idea is Shaggy and his baggy green and brown ensemble. It is just so recognizable and iconic, everyone will instantly know who you have dressed up as. Plus, his outfit looks so comfortable. Jinkies, there are just so many options, also including Fred, Scooby-Doo which would be more of a creative commitment, Velma, or even one of the nostalgic villans featured in the several movies within the franchise!

Any of these Halloween costumes are sure to be 2000s approved, as well as look super cute to dress up as alone or with a group of friends! What are some 2000s costumes you’d like to dress up in? Let us know in the comments!
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