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How Approaching My Crush Turned Into An Epic Fail

How Approaching My Crush Turned Into An Epic Fail

Let me tell you a personal story of how approaching my crush turned into an epic fail…

It started out like any other normal work shift…

For my sophomore year of college I am working as a front desk assistant at my university’s fitness center… (which is glorious for several reasons but I’ll get into that in another article)…

Let me just tell you what my job entails: I’m responsible for answering the gym’s phone, logging in gym ID’s and greeting all gym patrons.


And then the day began to get interesting…

Now, on my second day of working there, the cutest boy I’ve ever seen walked into the gym! Y’all…when I tell you I completely lost my breath when he came up to the desk, I’m not kidding! I legitimately started shaking and narrowly squeaked out a “Good Morning” to him. I must have glanced at him several times while he was working out, but my heart started to ache because my shift was about to end. So, I took one last glance at that wickedly attractive boy and clocked out.


Nature called.

Now, we’re all college aged here and I don’t really mind sharing.. but of course, this happened to also be the time that “Mother Nature” decided to visit me for a week! So I made my way to the gym bathroom, did what I had to do, but for some reason when I opened a new pad I put the empty wrapper in my purse instead of just tossing it. Regardless, I was now good to go, and completely unaware I began to make my way out of the bathroom and began to exit the building.

Then things started to take a turn for the worst…

Well, who do I see but my crush from the gym a couple paces ahead of me leaving the gym! I continued walking as normal (because I knew I was too chicken to talk to him) and was now a little ahead of him when I started thinking to myself “Nandra, ‘GO IN,’” (my way of saying go for it girl!) “Talk to him! YOLO!”


I’ve now psyched myself up and I’m almost ready to turn around and say something to him, but naturally I first wanted to text my sister to let her know I was about to have a big YOLO moment.

An Un-Expected Guest

I reached into my tiny cross-body purse to pull out my phone, but my phone came out with a guest…THE PAD WRAPPER I HAD STUFFED IN THERE EARLIER! I was in such shock that I dropped it. Then the wind picked it up and carried it high in the air, and out of the corner of my eye I saw it land diagonally behind me…in front of the cute boy from the gym!

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I wanted to go and pick it up, after all it was just an empty pad wrapper, but I was just so flustered I couldn’t bear to turn around. I hurriedly scurried away without looking back.

Later when I saw my friends and told them what happened, they found my embarrassing moment terribly funny and they affectionately named that cute boy from the gym, “Pad Wrapper Bae” (or PWB for short)… The awesome part of this story is that despite that embarrassing moment, Pad Wrapper Bae (no, he doesn’t know about his secret nickname) and I became friends later on!

Nandra College Tip #1: ALWAYS throw out your pad wrappers (…or don’t because you might just drop it in front of a cute boy and go on to be friends with him in the future)!

I think all readers can relate to Nandra’s personal story “How Approaching My Crush Turned Into An Epic Fail” aka “Pad Wrapper Bae”. What are your stories of approaching your crush? Embarrassing or successful? Comment below and share this article with a friend!
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