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10 Apartment DIYs For Your First Adult Apartment

These apartment DIYs will help make your place look homier and adult-like. With a limited budget, you won’t always be able to buy elaborate decorations, but a simple DIY can amp up a small space. Here are 10 apartment DIYs for your first adult space.

1. A Shoe Shelf

You can make your apartment look a lot cleaner by making this easy shoe shelf DIY. It is as simple as finding a tray and some rocks. Any water from your shoes will drip into the tray and keep it off of your floor. This will eliminate the salt stains and water spots that would usually collect on your floor during the winter.

2. Bathroom closet organization

Your bathroom closet, counter, and drawers are most likely going to be very small so you’ll need a good organization system. You can use either stickers or a sharpie if you have good handwriting in order to label your new bins and jars.

3. Mugs and wine glasses holder

If you’re looking for a cute and decorative way to hang you and your roomie’s coffee mugs and wine glass, try this DIY. You can find a slab of wood at Hobby Lobby for fairly cheap and use stencils and paint to draw the lettering onto it.

4. Shopping list

Buying a chalkboard is the easiest way to make this shopping list happen, but you can just as easily get a frame and some chalkboard spray paint. You could also use just a frame and instead of chalk use Expo markers on the glass. It wipes off easily and now you can jot down the things you need at the store right when you think of them.

5. Cupboard conversions

If you don’t want to actually write on your cupboards, get some clear contact paper to draw on. Otherwise, use a sharpie or get stickers made to put these conversions directly onto the cupboard. This will also help save space in a drawer since you will be hanging your measuring cups.

6. Key holder

Especially if you’re living with another person, this DIY is the perfect way to keep your stuff together. You can use pieces of an old crate or actually nail the wood together to create this. It is a great place to not only hang your keys but to put the mail into so that your roommate can see it and you can keep it off your counter. This might be one of the more complex apartment DIYs to make, but it’s so necessary!

7. Remote control holder

This little box is a cute way to keep track of where your remotes are. I know I personally always lose or misplace mine so this DIY would be perfect for my first real apartment. Plus you can store any other living room items in this box such as chapstick or an emergency ponytail holder.

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8. Book knives

This apartment DIY is adorable and perfect for those bookworms out there! It looks a little more creative than just the usual wooden block and there are hundreds of books out there just waiting to be used. You will easily be able to find something that matches your kitchen.

9. Utensil hanger

The easiest way to do this DIY is to use a towel rack. If you hang lighter utensils on it you can even use command strips hooks instead of nailing it into the wall. This will save space in your drawers while keeping all of your utensils easily reachable.

10. Crate dresser

You are most likely going to need some extra drawer space in your new apartment and you can make that happen with these DIY crates. You can stain them, paint them, or anything else you want to make them match your room.

Which of these apartment DIYs are you going to try when you move into your first real adult apartment? Comment below!

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