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Anthropologie’s 2019 Holiday Decor Collection Is Here And It’s Magical

Anthropologie’s 2019 Holiday Decor Collection is here and it’s magical! Although it’s only October and the holiday season doesn’t technically start until late November  (after Thanksgiving is over), that doesn’t prevent people from getting a head start in regards to purchasing new holiday decorations.

In October 2018, The National Retail Federation revealed that consumers spend an average of more than $1000 during the holiday season and a big chunk of that money is spent on decorations. Regardless of where one buys new holiday decorations, items included in any of these collections include ornaments, stockings, tree toppers, and advent calendars, to name a few. 

The American Clothing Retailer Anthropologie has some of the best items amongst all the major brands that release Holiday Decor Collections each year. Anthropologie never disappoints as all of their Holiday Decor items are consistently beautiful, of high quality, and immaculate looking. 

Another reason why their Holiday Decor Collection is popular with the public is because of the overall cost. Depending on what type of item you intend to buy, the final price is neither cheap or expensive. Be sure to check out Anthropologie’s entire Holiday Decor Collection here

Now, without further ado, here are 10 of the best items from Anthropologie’s 2019 Holiday Decor Collection: 

1. Gilded Botanical Garland:

Although red and green are the most popular colors for any Holiday Decor, the color gold ranks in a close third place. The Gilded Botanical Garland, which is one of several new garlands in Anthropologie’s 2019 Holiday Decor Collection, is in gold.

This decoration can be used to either wrap around or trim your Christmas Tree, banister, and/or mantel with. The cost of the Gilded Botanical Garland is a steal, so one should definitely consider purchasing it to use as part of his/her Holiday Decor.

Buy: Gilded Botanical Garland ($48)

2. Fauna Lune Snowy Owl Tree Topper:

The most common types of tree toppers that people put on top of their Christmas Trees are either angels, stars, and/or ribbon bows. If you are in need of one or want to explore something new, consider purchasing the Fauna Lune Snowy Owl Tree Topper from Anthropologie’s 2019 Holiday Decor Collection.

Given its’ size, it won’t be much of a hassle putting this Holiday Decor item on top of your tree. The price for this item is such a great steal (see below)! Also, the color of this owl tree topper is cream and it’ll go along well with whatever ornaments you put on your Christmas Tree. The owl tree topper reminds me of Hedwig, Harry Potter’s pet owl, from the Harry Potter series. 

Buy: Fauna Lune Snowy Owl Tree Topper ($58)

3. Montgolfier Hot Air Balloon Ornament:

When adorning your Christmas Tree, it’s all about the ornaments! Whether its homemade or store-bought ornaments, there are so many ways to go for this adornment!

From all the ornaments in Anthropologie’s 2019 Holiday Decor Collection, one of my favorites is the Montgolifer Hot Air Balloon Ornament! It’s something very unique and different that will have onlookers in awe when they see it. Also, it is in the colors of blue (my favorite color) and gold!

Buy: Montgolifer Hot Air Balloon Ornament ($20)

4. Champagne Bottle Ornament:

At any kind of occasion, there’s no bad time to pop a bottle of champagne and enjoy some of this alcoholic beverage! This Holiday Decor item from Anthropologie is sparkly gold and will definitely stand out from the rest of the ornaments you put adorn your tree with.

Buy: Champagne Bottle Ornament ($16)

5. Snowy House Advent Calendar:

For an advent calendar (in general), the Snowy House one from Anthropologie’s 2019 Holiday Decor Collection is on the expensive side (see this item’s price below). However, its display and visual appeal make it worth every penny!

For me, the one aspect of this Holiday Decor item that is the most impressive is the 24 small individual doors to put the chocolate in. The tiny little doorknobs are just too cute!

Buy: Snowy House Advent Calendar ($98)

6. Wooden Sleigh Stocking Holder:

At the price of $158, anyone can buy this Wooden Sleigh Stocking Holder from Anthropologie’s 2019 Holiday Decor Collection! Although there a few other stocking holders in the collection, what makes the Wooden Sleigh Stocking Holder stand out from the rest is that it is can be for multiple purposes.

Other than being utilized as a hanging device for Christmas Stockings, this holder can also be used to put smaller Christmas Figurines and decorations on top of the sleigh! 

Buy: Wooden Sleigh Stocking Holder ($158)

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7. Gingerbread Cloche Ornament:

Consider purchasing the Gingerbread Cloche Ornament as this Holiday Decor item will add The Christmas Magic and Spirit to your adorned tree. Gingerbread Houses are an already popular item/tradition of the holiday season. In a way, this ornament resembles a snow globe.

Buy: Gingerbread Clock Ornament ($20)

8. Festivity Floral Wreath:

Traditionally, Christmas Wreaths are made from evergreens, most often from either holly or pine branches. This Holiday Decor item can be real or artificial. 

However, this floral wreath from Anthropologie’s New Holiday Decor Collection is made of tin and wire, in addition to being adorned with multicolor blossoms. Despite its overall look not screaming December Holidays, the Festivity Floral Wreath produces a calm and welcoming atmosphere to guests wherever you decide to hang it up at your house. 

Buy: Festivity Floral Wreath ($138)

9. Driftwood Branch Stocking Holder:

The second stocking holder from Anthropologie’s 2019 Holiday Decor Collection to make this list, this one is molded from cast iron. It is modern, edgy, and will bring more of a rustic feel to your home when out on display on a mantel.

Buy: Driftwood Branch Stocking Holder ($68)

10. Art Knacky Pegasus Ornament:

This beautifully detailed ornament will definitely add more of an artsy flare when you put it on the Christmas Tree! Guests will enjoy its charming presence and look!

It is important to note that this Holiday Decor item is not sold at the actual Anthropologie Stores. The Art Knacky Pegasus Ornament is an Online Exclusive Item.

Buy: Art Knacky Pegasus Ornament ($20)

After looking at these items, do you feel more likely to purchase something from Anthropologie’s 2019 Holiday Decor Collection? If so, be sure to let us know down below in the comments section! Also, don’t forget to go on Anthropologie’s website to check out the rest of their 2019 Holiday Decor Collection!!

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