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10 Annoying Things College Roommates Do

10 Annoying Things College Roommates Do

We all have some stories to tell about annoying things our college roommates do. College is a time for us to discover who we really are and to see how we do on our own. For some of us, it’ll be our first time living on our own, so we might not be able to recognize some of the things that we do that could be considered annoying. Don’t worry, your roommates will be able to let you know what you’re doing wrong. Whether it’s your friend you knew before college or a total stranger, It’s almost inevitable that each of us will experience things that just erk us when it comes to roommates. So, here are some things that our college roommates do that just downright annoy us. If you know, you know.

1. The night owl vs. the early bird

Some of us like to go to bed at a reasonable time, get up early, and start the day off right. If you’re an early riser, you probably have most of your classes or work in the morning because that’s just how you like your schedule to be. However, some of us also like to stay up really late and that’s when we thrive the most. There’s homework to catch up on, shows to binge-watch, and all this extra time to do things that we didn’t during the day.

When these worlds collide, it can be so annoying. You feel like your sleep schedule is totally dependant on the other person, especially if they’re being loud in the room. You can also feel like you may never really see that person because your schedules might be so different, so how do you even get to know them? It can be like living with a stranger. Overall, problems are sure to arise when a morning person and a night person room together.


2. The clean freak

Some people like to keep things clean and organized all the time. Some of us don’t really mind a mess here and there. Things don’t have to be perfect right? Wrong. If you live with clean freak things can get pretty tense if you don’t keep your stuff straight. These people either make a cleaning strict cleaning schedule that you have to abide by, are constantly rearranging or cleaning things (even your things) to make it more organized, or are subtly dropping hints that they want you to clean more. This can be so annoying and frustrating to have to live up to their standards when you probably aren’t so uptight about it all.

If you are the clean freak and live with someone who is the opposite it can also be annoying. You don’t want to be constantly picking up after someone who is not even doing their part, but if you don’t then you’ll be forced to live in a mess which isn’t fair either. Also, you don’t want to have that conversation about cleaning, you’re not their mother. It’s just an all-around frustrating situation.

10 Annoying Things College Roommates Do


3. Inviting random people over

Have you ever walked back to your place after a long day, just hoping to relax, only to walk into a room full of random people? When you’re roommate doesn’t tell you about inviting guests over or does it when you’re trying to study or sleep can be so irritating. It can make you feel like your place isn’t yours and that it can’t be a place where you can be comfortable in.

10 Annoying Things College Roommates Do

4. Eating your food

Most of us don’t mind sharing what’s ours, especially if it’s someone we live with. However, we are all broke college kids, we can’t afford to feed the whole neighborhood, especially if they don’t ask. There’s also nothing worse than going to get that snack that you’ve been looking forward to eating all day only to have it be gone without a trace. It can make you feel like you’re being taken advantage of and that they don’t care about even asking you. When you’re roommate eats your food it can be more than annoying, it’s a crime.


10 Annoying Things College Roommates Do

5. Leaving the ole passive-aggressive notes or texts

If you haven’t gotten a note or text from roommate about something that’s bothering them, consider yourself lucky. It is the most uncomfortable situation to be in. It’s also not like you can deal with it in the same way you deal with problems in other relationships, especially if you and your roommate aren’t close. I mean, you live with this person so it’s unavoidable.

For example, in my experience, I left a dish in the sink before I left for class and came home to a note that said I needed to clean up my mess with some colorful language thrown in. Talk about annoying. I already got enough to deal with!

6. Ghost roommate

Having a roommate that is never there can be nice sometimes. You can enjoy the quiet, play your music out loud, watch anything you want on tv, invite friends over, have dance parties, etc. However, having a roommate who comes and goes can actually sometimes be annoying, especially, if they don’t clean or pitch in for supplies. You have to essentially take care of the place by yourself. Also, being by yourself all the time can get lonely. It’s like you’re living alone but occasionally someone else will sleep and eat there, and that’s not fun.

10 Annoying Things College Roommates Do

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7. Hoarding

There’s a point while living together where roommates will start to retreat into their own space. Either they feel uncomfortable, are pissed off, or just plain don’t like sharing, so they’ll take all their things and store them in their own private area. For instance, they’ll move all their food, kitchenware, toiletry items, games, movies, and so on into their own room or space so no one can touch or use them. This can make your place feel lonely, and only serve as a reminder that your roommate doesn’t feel comfortable in some way.

This can damage relationships and also start a hoarding war. Eventually, you both start to hide all your items all the way down to the hand soap so the other doesn’t get to use it. This can get not only tedious but exhausting to not b able to have your items out in the open like any comfortable living situation. No one wants to have to take a roll toilet paper to the bathroom every time they have to go.

8. The clothing thief

If you’re someone who doesn’t mind sharing clothes, then this might not bother you as much. However, some of us might not be that used to it. We all have that one friend who gets a little too comfortable with taking clothes. When this person is your roommate, it can be extra annoying, meaning, they might take it without asking, when you’re not around and it can be a little awkward trying to get it back. There’s nothing more annoying than going into your closet to find your favorite shirt to wear and your roommate coming out of the bathroom already wearing it.

10 Annoying Things College Roommates Do

9. Invites themselves to your plans

Roommates won’t be the only friends you make when you’re in college. Sometimes you’ll have other plans or want to hang out with other people. It can be super annoying when you tell them you’re going to do something or hang out with someone and they ask to come too or just plain invite themselves. Sometimes the event is exclusive or there simply isn’t enough room for them. Now there’s nothing wrong with including them in things here and there, but there are times when you want to do these separately, and that’s okay.

10. Doesn’t pay their part of the bills

This is a big one. When your roommate doesn’t pay their part of the rent, cable, WI-FI, or utilities it can be so difficult trying to get them to pay up. You don’t want to piss them off,  be a nuisance, or seem like you don’t trust them. This one is extra frustrating because bills need to be paid on time, and you could also get in trouble if it’s not. Having your living situation depend on your roommate is beyond annoying.

10 Annoying Things College Roommates Do

10 Annoying Things College Roommates DoWe are all different and all have a different style of living, so roommates are bound to do one thing annoying thing or another. Comment and tell us about an annoying experience you’ve had with your roommate!

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